WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Suorin Drop and NKD 100 Nicotine Salt Bundle

Product Description

Sourin Drop and NKD 100 Salt Bundle

It's time to get excited for a bundle like no other. Two of the greatest names in vaping partnered together for an all-in-one experience that will have you ready to roll as soon as you open the packaging. When you add the unmistakable flavors from Naked 100’s Nicotine Salt line to the amazing performance of the Suorin Drop, you are setting yourself up for success. This bundle is simple: you choose the color of device you want, add the flavor and nicotine strength you desire, and we will get it out to you as soon as we can seal the packing tape.

Suorin has definitely made a name for itself as a company, using a simplistic business model to create some of the greatest pod systems in the world. Small, easy to operate and tough, while other companies were running to the top of the big box mod pile, Suorin spent its time looking after new vapers and those looking for the perfect mouth-to-lung experience. The Drop is an epic little device with its 2ML refillable pod, 13-watt firing capability and distinct lack of buttons: vaping devices don’t get much easier than this one.

Naked 100 is a company that has a worldwide fan base for a reason. This Southern California-based company has spent almost a decade creating flavor profiles based on its customers' needs. Each flavor to come from its lab has been revolutionary and they have the awards and recognition to back it up. Never turning to sweeteners to bolster the flavors, Naked 100 vape juice is clean, fresh and will make your coils feel like they can last forever. Thousands of vapers around the world won’t put anything other than Naked 100 in their tanks due to this company’s ability to keep its base happy.

Pick A Suorin Drop Color and Choose Any 1 NKD 100 Salt Vape Juice Flavors:

  • Really Berry: Sweet blueberries and blackberries with a touch of lemon and menthol on the exhale.
  • Frost Bite: Tangy Pineapple and Sweet Honeydew Melons blended to perfection on the inhale give way to a satisfying menthol blast.
  • Brain Freeze: Insane blend of Strawberry, Kiwi and intense Pomegranate with a cool menthol chill.
  • American Patriots: A full-bodied sweet tobacco blend on the inhale with a caramel bourbon exhale.
  • Lava Flow: Sweet Strawberries and tropical pineapple flavors on inhale with a creamy coconut punch on the exhale.

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