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The Mamasan Ice

Glistening with refined mentholated vapor particles, each vape juice blend in The Mamasan Ice collection will provide a cool and refreshing sensation that will awaken your tastes and rid nearly any dull moment you've experienced prior. From its expert culinary-crafted flavors to the fascinating quality that bombards each bottle, you won't find another brand that delivers such a refreshing vape in a variety of flavors.

What is The Mamasan Ice e-liquid? The Mamasan Ice is a premium vape juice brand that is based in Los Angeles, California. The brand made its debut in 2016 and since then has grown to develop The Mamasan Ice, The Mamasan Salt, and more. It has also created a range of brands as well, including Graham Slam, Cali Cooler, amongst more. Throughout all of the brands and collections, The Mamasan Ice is by far one of the most impressive lineups, as it features all of the most popular Mamasan vape juice blends, yet features a twist of menthol to create a truly refreshing taste.

The Mamasan Ice E-Liquid Flavor Review

Apple Peach Strawberry Ice

Taking complexity to a whole new level, this fascinating vape juice blend will surely become your favorite. It is a go-to blend that uses four flavors in one. It uses apples, peaches, strawberries, and menthol. Every puff delivers an extraordinary taste from beginning to end.

Mango Lychee Ice

Ensuring that you receive the most delicious flavor experience every time, this remarkable blend of mangoes, lychees, and menthol is all that you will ever want. It is a fascinating flavor concoction that will coat your mouth with the most amazing taste and leave you satisfied to the fullest.

Guava Peach Ice

Offering you a delicious flavor experience from the first puff to the very last, you won't find another vape some enticing to your taste buds. It presents to you a blend of exotic guava flavor and juicy peaches, along with a mix of menthol, giving you a trio of flavors you cannot resist.

Honeydew Melon Ice

Giving you a truly refreshing taste every time you take a puff, you won't believe how well these two flavors go together. It is a dashing mixture of honeydew melon flavor and a splash of cool menthol, leaving your taste buds refreshed and ready for a more tasty flavor.

Apple Peach Strawberry Ice

If you've been looking for a complex blend to take your tastes to an all-new level, this delicious concoction infuses a mix that consists of apples, peaches, strawberries, and a bone-chilling menthol. It is a wonderous blend of flavors that come together to be your next all-day vape.

Mango Lychee Ice

Splurge in a mesmerizing flavor experience as your mouth coats are layered with a trio of delicious tastes. Explore the taste of mangoes, lychees, and a cool menthol to keep you satisfied and refreshed. Gift yourself this amazing flavor so you can enjoy an all-day vape.

Guava Peach Ice

Embark in a whole new experience with flavor as these delicious flavors combine into one delicious vape juice blend. It is a mix of guavas, peaches, and cool menthol to create such a brilliant taste that you cannot refuse. If you enjoy guavas and peaches, this is definitely the vape for you.

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