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Beard Vape Co The One Eliquid

Making its way to the market in 2014, Beard Vape Co became a rising star when it allowed the vaping community to test nearly 100 number-assigned flavors, then releasing the most popular onto the market under its brand. The Venice, California-based brand gained respect in the industry and the people within it, quickly propelling it into one of the industry’s most popular premium vape juice brands. Since its launch, Beard Vape has been hard at work developing new collections to continue its innovative spirit, and The One Eliquid has gained the most success.

The One Eliquid by Beard Vape Co is a special creation of premium vape juice that was crafted by the same expert mixologists that brought you popular flavors like NO. 32 Cinnamon Funnel Cake and NO. 05 Strawberry Cheesecake. Its newest collection, The One Eliquid, is a combination of its latest authentic dessert flavors, which consists of cereal, donuts, strawberries, and milk. Designed to satisfy your taste cravings, each bottle of The One Eliquid offers incredible quality, consistent flavor, and it’s packaged in large 100mL Chubby Gorilla bottles to ensure long-lasting flavor. The One Eliquid features a 70/30 ratio of VG/PG, creating the perfect balance between both flavor and vapor. The happy medium allows for delicious dense vapor that you are sure to appreciate. Available in various strengths, you have a choice of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to suit your preference.

The One Eliquid has the ability to become the greatest vape juice collection ever created. It packs a delicious line of flavors that delivers universal tastes and a fascinating vape experience that you won’t forget. From Marshmallow Milk to Apple Cinnamon Donut to Lemon Crumble Cake, this brand and its collection ooze deliciousness in every puff, and we cannot wait for you to try it! Explore the magnificent tastes throughout the entire collection of The One Eliquid by Beard Vape Co. There are so many extraordinary tastes that we are thrilled for you to experience them all. Find a new all-day-vape and find a favorite that you just cannot go without.

The One Vape Juice Review

Marshmallow Milk

Marshmallow Milk by The One Eliquid is a thick and creamy vape juice flavor that we’re sure you will find incredibly pleasing from beginning to end. It boasts the real taste of delicious marshmallows accompanied by all of its sugary sweet flavors. It is combined with a perfect balance of milk to ensure that if you have a taste for sweets, your cravings will be answered in every puff.


Strawberry by The One Eliquid has easily become one of the biggest sellers in our store and has become a favorite for many people. It may seem simple but it delivers a quite complex taste combining strawberry-filled donuts and creamy cereal milk to create an unforgettable experience that is truly out-of-this-world! If you crave a dessert vape that seems to hit the soul every time, this is the one.

Lemon Crumble Cake

Lemon Crumble Cake by The One Eliquid is a remarkably created flavor that tastes just like a delectable lemon cake. It is the perfect sweet treat, mustering up a load of tart lemon and sugary flavor for those that simply can’t get enough. From the inhale, you get an overwhelming sensation from rich pound cake absorbed in sugary lemon goodness. The taste is then repeated on the exhale, giving a new awakening to your taste buds.


Blueberry by The One Eliquid is another one of those vape juice flavors that may sound simple but have been made in a complex manner to deliver the shock and awe you experience in every puff. It mimics the taste of a freshly baked donut that has been filled with tasty blueberries and glazed with honey frosting. It’s a combination of blueberries, sugar, and honey that you won’t be able to let go of.

Apple Cinnamon Donut

Apple Cinnamon Donut by The One Eliquid is just what you expect. The name represents this flavor well, boasting loads of apple flavor cereal bites as a glaze on an oven-fresh savory donut. Your sweet tooth cravings are satisfied to no end with every puff. If you are looking to flood your palate with a sweet, tasty apple cinnamon vape flavor, it’s a must-try!

Vanilla Custard Donut

Vanilla Custard Donut by The One Eliquid has a sure-fire way to bombard the taste buds with loads of delicious flavor, and no one is complaining. This tasty snack offers sweet and sugary tastes that you are going to crave after every puff. It offers the taste of a vanilla donut with gushing custard filling, and a light glaze of cinnamon tops off the unique experience.

If you are one that enjoys premium vape juice flavors that feature a complex blend that combines sweet and sugary flavors that have a way of attaching to your taste buds and fulfilling sweet tooth cravings, we are certain you will love these delectable desserts by The One Eliquid. Beard Vape Co has definitely put its flavor artists to work with this one, and you’ll taste it in every puff!

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