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Tobacco Monster Vape Juice

Establishing its dominance in the e-liquid market years before many others, Monster Vape Labs has been the itch that its competitors just can’t seem to scratch. Monster Vape Labs is home to some of the most fascinating vape brands, all of which fall under the same ‘monster’ umbrella. The arsenal is deep, with brand names like Jam Monster, Fruit Monster, Custard Monster, Ice Monster, and many more. One of the most unique brands in this prolific manufacturing company is the Tobacco Monster collection.

Tobacco Monster is made in an out-of-this-world e-liquid manufacturing facility. The brainchild behind the Tobacco Monster will tell you themselves that when building the company, it “set out to make the most badass, cleanest, technologically advanced e-liquid manufacturing facility in the world.” And, believe it or not, but they did just that. Aside from the craftsmen flavors, each bottle of Tobacco Monster undergoes a manufacturing process that exceeds regulatory and industry standards. Only a superior quality product is made, producing loads of Tobacco Monster flavors that utilize the finest ingredients and proprietary formulations to deliver customers with the best possible vape juice available.

While it is hard to stand out in an oversaturated market, the Tobacco Monster collection manages to do so very well. The standards and processes of quality control are all taken into account by consumers. Monster Vape Labs is truly taking Tobacco Monster Vape Juice to the next level.

This ‘next level’ creation isn’t built, nor maintained by just one person though. There is a lot that goes into running one of the largest, most popular vape brands in the world. The ‘vibe’ workers receive from morning to afternoon inside the facility is what makes this brand pop. They’re blasting hip-hop music, you see Kaws figurines, and at every angle, the atmosphere is enjoyed by the chemists, mixologists, line workers, pickers, and packers, which gives them a sense of pride to create and provide the amazing product you see today. If there is one brand you can rely on, it has to be Tobacco Monster.

Available in 30mL chubby gorilla bottles, Tobacco Monster Vape Juice will satisfy all of your tobacco cravings. It features a 70/30 ratio to create a perfect balance of flavor and vapor and is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Also available in 30mL chubby gorilla bottles, Salt Tobacco Monster is the perfect alternative, creating smooth draws and a heightened level of salt nicotine. It features a 50/50 ratio to balance both flavor and vapor and is available in 20mg, 40mg, and 60mg salt nicotine strengths.

Tobacco Monster Flavor Review

Bold Tobacco Monster

For those seeking a tobacco flavored vape juice that is designed for true tobacco connoisseurs, Bold Tobacco Monster is definitely where it's at. It is a true taste of tobacco that features a mature, bold taste in every puff you take. The taste is bold, authentic, and crafted perfectly in a vape form.

Rich Tobacco Monster

Artistically designed to satisfy even the true tobacco aficionados, Rich Tobacco Monster really hits the spot for tobacco lovers all around the globe. Its rich taste coats the tongue and leaves the mouth watering for more. If you are looking for a full-bodied tobacco vape juice flavor, this is one you will have to try to believe.

Smooth Tobacco Monster

Toned down to satisfy those that enjoy tobacco vape juice flavors but do not prefer bold, rich, or thickened tastes, Smooth Tobacco Monster definitely acts as a happy medium. It creates a smooth vapor with a luxuriously smooth taste with every puff.

Menthol Tobacco Monster

Tobacco Monster knocked it out of the park with this classic tobacco flavor infused with just the right amount of menthol. The two come together perfectly, creating the perfect balance of both tobacco and menthol. It unveils a fascinating taste that true tobacco lovers will appreciate.

Bold Salt Tobacco Monster

Delivering the true bold taste of tobacco in a vape form, Bold Salt by Tobacco Monster should be your go-to flavor for your pod devices. It offers a deep, bold taste of tobacco and has been perfectly blended with salt nicotine to ensure only satisfaction in every draw.

Rich Salt Tobacco Monster

If you are looking for a tobacco flavor that full-bodied and presents all the right tobacco notes, this classic Rich Salt by Tobacco Monster will handle the job with ease. It has a very rich taste and combines with salt nicotine to create an amazing vape experience with any low wattage or pod device.

Smooth Salt Tobacco Monster

Enjoy tobacco vape juice flavors is incredible but some people prefer lighter, smoother tobacco that isn't quite as full. For those tobacco connoisseurs that enjoy smooth taste and smooth draws, Smooth Salt by Tobacco Monster is made with salt nicotine to deliver a smooth hit every time with your pod system.

Menthol Salt Tobacco Monster

There are two types of people who enjoy tobacco vape juice flavors: those that prefer menthol and those that don't. If you are a tobacco flavor fan and still has that weakness for classic tobacco flavor and refreshing menthol, you will love this Menthol Salt by Tobacco Monster that hits the spot every pull.

If you are searching for a brand that is truly unique, delivers all the thrills and chills of vaping, and one that really makes a quality tobacco vape juice flavor, Tobacco Monster is one we highly recommend. They have dialed in on creating the best tobacco vape juice, which is why we are more than excited for you to get your hands on Tobacco Monster.


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