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Circus E-Liquid

Becoming home for thousands of vapers all over, Circus E-Liquid can do no wrong in the eyes of many. It is a brand that has been set on a pedestal, and that stems from the quality, uniqueness, and its a delicious flavor profiles that it has created, which has been the solution to many cravings. The Circus E-Liquid collection isn’t very large, though it focuses heavily on creating perfect dessert flavored vape juice people will want to continuously revisit… and, that is exactly what they do. The collection ranges from the mouthwatering cotton candy to delicious pink frosting and a group of delectable tastes in between. You can explore the remarkable tastes in 100mL bottles in regular vape juice and 30mL bottles in salt nicotine vape juice.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Circus E-Liquid has become one of the industry’s hottest brands, and it’s all because of the deliciously crafted vape juice that it has created. With just a short few months on the market, Circus E-Liquid blew up, turning into one of the most popular brands, and today a brand that everyone has come to know and love. The brand was developed by Puff Labs, which handles all of the manufacturing. It has a team of expert mixologists that have a history of creating some of the most iconic brands, such as Psycho E-Liquids, Strange Fruit E-Liquids, and Puff Labs E-Liquids just to name a few. Circus E-Liquid is its most successful brand yet, boasting delicious concoctions centered around unique dessert flavors. To this day, Circus E-Liquid continues to be an industry favorite for thousands of vapers around the world.

Circus E-Liquid Flavor Review

Pink and Blues (Formerly Cotton Candy)

Pink and Blues by Circus E-Liquid offers a brilliant concoction of flavors that you are going to absolutely enjoy with every puff. It offers a sweet treat that tastes just like blue raspberry cotton candy. The flavor experience is fluffy, sugary, and mouthwatering throughout the entire time you’re vaping.

Pink and Whites (Formerly Circus Cookie)

Pink and Whites by Circus E-Liquid is one of the brand’s most popular flavors out of the entire collection. It provides loads of cookie flavor in every puff you take. With your first experience of the flavor, you taste fresh oven-baked cookies that feature a layer of sweet frosting and tasty sprinkles to keep you coming back for more.

White and Yellows (Formerly Cooler)

White and Yellows by Circus E-Liquid is yet another brilliant blend that can easily become one of your favorites. It is a beverage taste that recreates a bubbly soda flavor. The flavor tastes authentic, boasting sweet and tangy bubbly notes you will come to appreciate with every puff.

Whites (Formerly Coconut Cake)

Whites by Circus E-Liquid provides a unique, yet very delicious taste in flavor every time you inhale. It is ultimately a coconut cake, offering the taste of chocolate cake with cream filling combined with a layer of coconut shavings. It is a savory moment that tastes just as complex as it was for the experts to create it.

Pinks (Formerly Frosting)

Pinks by Circus E-Liquid is a true dessert flavor through and through. This tasty vape juice flavor is all about the deliciously rich taste of pink frosting. It recreates the taste of frosting that you’ve come to crave from all the birthday’s you’ve attended, yet now you can experience it over and over, without all of the next-day guilt. If you have a sweet tooth craving, this is the perfect flavor.

With tons of dessert flavor, Circus E-Liquid is the perfect solution for any sweet tooth craving. It consists of several all-day-vape flavors that we just know will become one of your favorites. Join the circus and see what Circus E-Liquid is all about.

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