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Carnival Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice

We take tremendous pride in ensuring that our premium flavored E-liquids provide the consistency that you have come to expect from the makers of Carnival Juice Roll Upz vape juice. All nicotine inclusions are certified kosher grade and properly labeled. We also feature child safety locks on every bottle to keep these products out of little prying hands.

Juice Roll Upz uses vegetable glycerin in their products as opposed to propylene glycol like other premium vape juice brands, allowing them to steep for extended periods and absorb the maximum amount of natural flavoring as possible for your vaping pleasure. Each Carnival Juice Roll Upz premium E-Juice is carefully crafted in our sanitized laboratory by some of the most clever and experienced vape mixologists in the nation. Here are the flavors we currently offer here at West Coast Vape Supply.

Carnival Juice Roll Upz Flavor Profile Review

Berry Lemonade by Carnival Juice Roll Upz

A delightfully refreshing flavored vape elixir, Berry Lemonade Carnival E-Liquid by Carnival Juice Roll Upz will take you back to those summer days of relaxing with an ice-cold glass of this refreshing concoction. Upon the draw, indulge your palate with the bursting flavors of tangy blueberries, tart raspberries, wild blackberries, and sweet ripened strawberries. With each exhalation, this premium e-liquid boasts the refreshing flavor of freshly squeezed lemonade.

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy by Carnival Juice Roll Upz

Embrace your best childhood memories of visits to ball games and carnivals where cotton candy vendors constantly tempted you with that fluffy concoction with this sweet vaping elixir from Carnival Juice Roll Upz. With a sweet and mild flavor of cotton candy on the inhale and a soft finish of juicy blueberries on the exhale, you won’t want to put this elixir down. Carnival Juice Roll Upz is ideal for those seeking an all-day candy vape ejuice.

Roll Whip Carnival by Juice Roll Upz

Roll Whip by Carnival Juice Roll Upz ejuice is precisely like a freshly made sweet and crispy sugar wafer cone filled with vanilla bean ice cream than layered with tropical pineapple and smoothie whip cream. On the inhale of Carnival Roll Whip vape juice, the juicy pineapple with sweet buttery notes of the waffle cone satisfies the sweet tooth. While you exhale the smooth concoction of whipped vanilla bean ice cream brings goodness to your taste buds. Carnival Juice Roll Upz Roll Whip authentic flavor profile is one that you don't want to miss. 

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