WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Novo Starter Kit

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SMOK Novo Vape Pod Starter Kit

SMOK Novo Vape Starter Kit Review

The SMOK brand is one of the most successful in the vapor industry, due in large part to its insane ability to innovate, create and pump out massive volumes of product. They do it with style and panache, in a way that no other company on the market could ever dream. When it comes to small, user-friendly, all-in-one pod systems, they have several options on the market, but none are better than the brand new SMOK Novo Kit. Sleek and simplistic are two words to describe the SMOK Novo, but in reality, the heart of this device is as complicated as a racing machine.

What Is The SMOK Novo?

If you are looking for a device that is as simple to operate as a whistle, you need to look no further than the SMOK Novo. Measuring in at 88.3mm by 24.3mm by 14.3mm, the Novo is a tiny device. Weighing in at 40 grams out of the package, it is also extremely lightweight. Not much bigger than a cigarette lighter, it contains a 450mAh battery that will consistently push between 10 and 16-watts depending on the amount of charge it is holding.

Crafted to last from Zinc Alloy and coated with beautiful Cobra printed panels, the SMOK Novo looks impressive. The SMOK Novo comes available in 8 different colors, and there is a variation from SMOK for everyone. Prism Chrome and Black Cobra, Prism Chrome and Red Cobra, Prism Chrome and White Cobra, Prism Chrome and Prism Rainbow Cobra, Prism Chrome and Auto Pink Cobra, Prism Chrome and Royal Blue Cobra, Prism Chrome and Prism Blue Cobra and Prism Chrome and Green Cobra are currently available, but knowing SMOK a new round of designs is already in the works.

If you are familiar with the SMOK Nord, this device may look similar. They are approximately the same size, but the bonus of the SMOK Novo kit is the fact that it uses a proprietary Air Driven System. Rather than having to hold down a button, the Novo is designed to be operated by placing it in your mouth and inhaling. The Smart LED indicator will light up to let you know the device is operational and also flash in red to let you know its time to put it on charge.

When it comes to charging, it’s no more difficult than charging your phone. Plug it in via Micro-USB and let it do its thing. For those who can’t wait to vape, the Novo is equipped with a vape while charging feature – pass-through technology for the modern age. Everything from the sleek, ergonomic mouthpiece to the simple fill design on the 2ML pod is impressive. While other manufacturees over complicate the design, the 1.5-ohm coil system in the Novo pod works best with nicotine salt e-liquids or any other juice you choose.

Why Choose SMOK?

As a company, SMOK has been around for just short of a decade. Officially created in 2011, under the watchful eye of the parent company, Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd, it quickly made a name for itself as an innovative machine. Their ability to innovate on the fly has given rise to some of the most significant advances in technology we have seen, whether in the creation of tanks, accessories, mods or complete kits.

For four years, the TFV series of tanks has dominated the market place, everywhere you look you will see a variation of it on sale for a reason. Entire vaping kits are designed around coil systems, each one in a variety of colors to ensure that there is an offering for everyone.

As 2018 hit and more people began to move away from massive 200-watt power-houses towards smaller pieces of equipment, SMOK stayed with the pack and created extrodinary pod systems. SMOK is a company with a proven history, a track record like no other when it comes to delivering the customers exactly what they want. When the public decided to head over to nicotine salt solutions, SMOK was already prepared to put some of the most advanced, simple pod systems in their hands. The Novo is the latest in line to carry the SMOK name with pride.

Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we pride ourselves on being able to bring our customers the most exceptional products on the market at prices that our competition just can’t beat. Our job is to bring you the best products available, and we are here to assist you decide which one is right for you. If you have your heart set on a simple to use, air driven vaping device, you won't find better than the SMOK Novo system.

SMOK Novo Vape Pod System Features and Specifications

  • 450mAh Internal Battery
  • Wattage Range 10 - 16W
  • Voltage Range 3.3 - 4.2V
  • Draw Activated Mechanism
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Cobra Resin Panels
  • Refillable/Replaceable Pod Atomizers
  • 2ml Salt Nicotine Juice Capacity
  • 8 Second Safety Cutoff
  • Micro USB Charge Port

SMOK Novo Vape Starter Kit Includes

  • 1 SMOK Novo Kit
  • 2 Replacement SMOK Novo Pods
  • 1 USB Charge Cable
  • 1 User Guide

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