WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Loaded E-liquid

Loaded Vape Juice

Founded in sunny Orange County California the Loaded Eliquid is a premium vape juice company manufactured by Ruthless Vapor. Loaded E-liquid uses the highest quality ingredients, VG, PG, and nicotine. Loaded Glazed Donuts is the first flavor: a spot-on doughnut treat that was the first vape juice flavor that brought Loaded Vape Juice to fame, the boozy flavors of Loaded Vape Juice will keep you coming back for more.

Loaded Vape Juice Flavor Profile Review

Loaded Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter vape juice tastes just like that iconic fresh out of the oven encrusted apple pastry pie. Apple Fritter was crafted by the culinary experts at Ruthless Vapor for dessert-loving vape enthusiast. Crafted with cinnamon-infused apples loaded into a buttery pastry with a drizzle of glazed caramel. Loaded Apple Fritter is a delightful puff that you won’t be able to put down.

Loaded Glazed Donuts

Loaded Glazed Donuts vape juice is a sinfully sweet and smooth pastry flavor that’s topped with sticky drizzled syrup. As soon as you take a hit of Loaded Glazed Donuts, you’ll appreciate the taste of freshly baked glazed doughnut straight out of the oven. Glazed Donuts vape juice tastes just like that delicious fried doughnut treat.

Loaded Chocolate Glazed

Chocolate Glazed is the flavor you've been waiting for, the smooth and buttery chocolate glazed doughnut flavor is perfect for those chocolate glazed doughnut lovers.

Loaded Cookie Butter

Hot out of the oven cookies dough and creamy peanut butter for a smooth cookie taste right out of the jar. Upon inhaling Loaded Cookie Butter, your taste buds will be taken over by the flavor of creamy peanut butter cookie that you've always craved. On the exhale, scrumptious cookie butter will make this flavor experience even more decadent. Try Cookie Butter by Loaded E-Liquid for a smooth dessert flavor guilt-free without the calories.

Loaded Cran-Apple

Vape enthusiasts who want that authentic fresh apple-cranberry juice vape can indulge on Loaded Cran-Apple vape juice. The scrumptious mouth-watering flavor of apple cranberries is available from Loaded E-liquid. On the inhale of Loaded Cran-Apple, your senses will instantly awaken from the freshness of the tangy cranberries. On the exhale, the scrumptious red cran-apples will quench your thirst.

Loaded Raspberry Eclair

Loaded Raspberry Eclair is a delicate combination of a fresh pastry doughnut with a raspberry creme filling that will fill your taste buds with joy. Loaded Raspberry Eclair delivers a scrumptious flavor topped with a chocolate ganache glaze.

Loaded Smores

Rich graham cracker topped with cinnamon sugar filled with gooey marshmallow and smooth creamy milk chocolate. On the inhale, toasted marshmallows and light cinnamon-flavored, graham crackers flood the tongue. On the exhale, silky milk chocolate to complete the flavor journey.

Loaded Lemon Bar

Lemon Bar ejuice by Loaded Eliquid is a smooth pie crust filled with lemon, that is then sprinkled with powdered sugar. With its tart and sugar-lemon filling and crusted butter, the flavor will satisfy when vaping this strong dessert lemon flavor. Try Loaded Lemon Bar for an ultimate lemon dessert flavor vape.

Loaded Melon Milkshake

Melon Milkshake ejuice is the best of both worlds, refreshing and savory! Loaded Melon Milkshake was made for fruit lovers with a sweet tooth in mind with its combination of freshly cut melons blended into a creamy milkshake with hints of honey. Melon Milkshake e-juice is destined to please any sweet fruit vape enthusiast.

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut

Strawberry Jelly Donut is the sophisticated strawberry jelly doughnut treat, a fried filled jelly doughnut that will rumble your taste buds, crafted with strawberries and a hint of sugar. Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut starts with savory strawberries on the inhale and freshly baked pastry doughnut taste dusted in powdered sugar for a scrumptious flavor bonanza on the exhale.

Loaded Vape Juice will leave you feeling ecstatic after each inhale, Simply put, the ejuice from Loaded Ejuice flavors are among the best-crafted blends beyond words can describe.