Candy King on Salt Pink Squares

Candy King On Salt

Pink Squares by Candy King on Salt 30ml

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Pink Squares by Candy King on Salt 30ml

Candy King Pink Squares Salt Nicotine Juice Review

Unwrap a mouthwatering pink candy with Pink Squares by Candy King on Salt. Pink Squares will take your taste buds on a fun adventure and allow you to dwell on all your sweet tooth cravings without worrying about calories. Candy King is the premier choice for candy flavor lovers and many vape enthusiasts looking for tasty sweet vape juice.

What is Candy King on Salt Pink Squares vape juice? Pink Squares by Candy King on Salt is a brilliantly concocted vape juice that perfectly recreates those chewy pink square candies that you are probably familiar with. On inhale of Candy King Pink Squares On Salt vape juice, a lip-puckering inducing pink lemonade flavor will tingle your tongue and wake up your taste buds only to be followed with an exhale of a smooth and creamy chewy candy. If you are a fan of tangy and zesty flavors. Candy King Pink Squares might become your next all-day vape. Pink Squares comes in a 30mL bottle and is available in salt nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg.

Candy King is a legendary vape brand that has become one of the most successful names in vaping, thanks to its incredible collection of perfectly concocted vape juice flavors. The collection consists of various flavors that mimic many of your favorite candy treats but are now in vape form. It uses a mix of fruits, candies, and menthol to develop an incredible flavor. Candy King is parented by DripMore, an industry-leading manufacturing company that has a huge portfolio of brands and products.

Candy King on Salt Pink Squares is an awesome vape juice flavor. It is a spot-on recreation of those pink square candies that offer chewy, mouthwatering flavor. This amazing flavor was perfectly concocted and has become one of the best-selling flavors on the market.

*Nicotine salts should only be used in pod-based vape systems and not in a sub-ohm device due to high nicotine concentration.

Flavor Profile: Pink Chewy Candy

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)