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GLAS Basix Ejuice 

GLAS Basix Ejuice Flavors Review

GLAS Basix is a fresh new line from the original company known as GLAS. They’ve been around for quite a while now and are mainly known for their dessert juices that they’ve crafted together in the labs. GLAS Basix is basically a new style for them with their intense mixes and choices of flavors that all come together as bold and straight-up delicious. Ranging from desserts, fruity, candy even including a tobacco flavor, they really didn’t want to hold back at showing what they’ve got when it comes to creating a batch of luscious juices. Take a look at our selection of juices from this line, I guarantee you’ll find something that catches your eye and you’ll be drooling by the time you get to the end of the page.

GLAS Banana Cream Pie

This vape juice will drive those taste buds bananas if you dare to give it a try. It’s gotten the utmost positive feedback for targeting the exact flavor of banana with an irresistible pie twist. You’ll get an instant rush of sweet banana bombarding those starving taste buds beforehand while you notice the richness of the cream cheese coming along with it on the inhale, and on the exhale you’ll taste the baked crust of graham crackers with the light touch of caramel that’s been drizzled on top of the scrumptious pie.

GLAS Blueberry Cake

Mmm, vanilla cake with a baked blueberry mix. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water, think of biting into a soft cake and getting a pleasant surprise of tart blueberries smothering your taste buds with that delicious creamy layer of vanilla icing on the outer layer. You can get that same lush experience while vaping on this sweet tooth crushing e-juice. Sweet vanilla bean with a creamy twist on the inhale, while on the exhale you get the rush of blueberries coating those taste buds as the vapor escapes your mouth leaving any setting you’re in smelling like a bakery.

GLAS Butterscotch Reserve

Anyone who genuinely loves the exquisite taste of tobacco will appreciate this divine mixture of tobacco, chocolate, caramel, and a quite the nutty kick. On the inhale you’ll notice right away the sweet rich taste of the tobacco plant with a thick layer of caramel, and on the exhale you’ll taste the milky chocolate combined with nutty almonds which only compliments everything else about this juice and will promisingly satisfy your taste buds with this unique combination.

Caribbean Punch

It’s just like taking a big gulp of fruit punch only with a like nectarous feel as it disappears past your tongue. This refreshing vape juice has a beautiful blend of apples, apricot, pineapples, and strawberries making this the most fruitful and delicious vape juice that they have yet made. It’s not shy about the flavor either. For example on the inhale, you’ll instantly get a gush of fruit mixture and taste the distinctive flavors of crisp apples and tart pineapples and on the exhale you’ll notice the taste of sweet succulent strawberries and the honeyed twist of apricots.

GLAS Fizzy Lemonade

A perfect summer vape juice crafted and blended to pure perfection when targeting a classic American drink only with a surprising combination of lime soda and pineapple juice. As you take that first breath in on the inhale you’ll get a bittersweet feel right away from the lemon and lime taking over while the pineapple on the exhales with its natural tart sweetness of comes swooping in soothing those taste buds.

GLAS Strawberry Gummy

This isn’t your ordinary strawberry gummy candy, it’s got a hint of citrus extracts for a sour taste to make things twice as exciting. Oh, the inhale the delightful succulent candied taste of strawberries immediately comes bursting in, and on the exhale the citrus extracts add a nice slightly sour note having your mouth sing in delicious harmony from this mouthwatering mixture.

GLAS Sugar Cookies

Have you ever walked into a kitchen where someone baked a fresh batch of cookies? That delicious aroma of baked goods completely takes up any hints of oxygen and pretty much have you drowning in the smell of cookies, which isn’t a terrible fate. GLAS Basix made sure you got that same exact experience but in a bottle form of vape juice so that you can not only smell it but taste it. On the inhale you’ll taste the lush flavor of sugar cookies right away and on the exhale there’s a nice creamy twist of vanilla icing melted on top and a bit of spice from sprinkled cinnamon.

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