WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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SaltBae50 E-Liquid

SaltBae50 is new, chic, and packed with amazing flavors. There's a little something for everybody so don't worry you won't miss out! Luxurious fruits, mentholated flavors, and even a tasty dose of sweet tobacco for those enjoy the taste of cigars.

These are a new group of salt nicotine based juices and many do few new companies but rest assured this vape company knows exactly what they're doing. With their choices in quality and flavor, they'll knock any other juice right off the shelves. So give this company a try and give them the recognition they deserve.

SaltBae50 Vape Juice Review

SaltBae50 Honeydew ICE

A savored honeydew extract to mimic the exact moment of biting into a honeydew melon that has been chilled in the fridge for a good couple of hours. That sweet velvety rush of honeydew flowing into you mouth lightly touching each taste bud as a teaser on the inhale. As you exhale the blast of a winter-like haze will swarm against your tongue bringing out more of the honeydew you’ve been longing for. This combination is enough to send chills from your tongue down to your spine.

SaltBae50 Red Mango

Fresh mangoes made into a mix of delectable vape juice that’ll put a big fat smile on your face. Just like biting a mango or drinking mango juice, with one inhale a light cloud of enticing mango flavored smoke will take your breath away with how accurate this vape juice is. Instantly lush mangoes will coat your tongue drawing in as much flavor as possible, while you exhale a small cloud of smoke will follow leaving an eye rolling aftertaste along with the lingering smell of yummy mangoes.

SaltBae50 Strawberry Kiwi

An all time favorite blend of two well loved fruits that people just can’t get enough of. Strawberry Kiwi combinations has made it to the top most valued vape juice flavors and here goes another one to add to that chart. Unlike other strawberry kiwi flavors SaltBae50 has made theirs with true passion and expert vape juice testers so they can fulfill their mission to be the best strawberry kiwi flavor there is. Filled with sweet savory ingredients, this small bottle holds a greater power than any of us can imagine. Succulent strawberries flowing into your mouth slowly with the pull of a pod making sure your drawing in the perfect amount of smooth talking flavor on the inhale. As you exhale the tart tones of juicy kiwis will enhance the tones of strawberry making sure that the two flavors are fused together by the end of the hit.

SaltBae50 Sweet Caramel Tobacco

If you’re a true tobacco lover, you know that tobacco (depending on the type of tobacco) is naturally sweet with vanilla and caramel tones. Not sweet enough to eat, but very pleasant to smoke. Without carrying that harsh smell, you can now enjoy only it’s flavor without getting piercing looks from those around you. On the inhale, a small drag can carry so much flavor so you can automatically taste the great quality in tobacco that they chose. On the exhale syrupy caramel will straighten out the taste of tobacco making it to live up to its name.

SaltBae50 Juicy Watermelon

The perfect name for this juice honestly. Sweet juicy watermelon all day, everyday. On the inhale the lush taste of watermelon will mellow out those cravings as soon as that sheet of smoke sets on your tongue. As you exhale the remaining potency of the watermelon will remain in your mouth just for a little bit longer so you can experience that amazing flavor as much as possible.

Green Apple

Tart, bitter, sweet, and sour green apples extracted into a bomb juice that anybody in their right mind couldn’t turn down. If anything this has to be the closest thing to an actual apple. If you’re longing for a fruity snack then you should puff away at this bad boy. Exquisite apples on the inhale and the same goes for the exhale. Nothing but pure green apples to vape until your heart is content.

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