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Drip This Sour

Drip This Sour is a premium vape juice manufacturer that produces great tasting fruit flavors with a tingling sour twist. Rest assured when you purchase any flavored vape juice from Drip This Sour you will be more than satisfied.

The fruity vape juice that's mouth-watering sour, this vape juice brand takes a succulent fruit and dips it into intensely tarty sugar. The result is a sweet and sour flavor bonanza.

Drip This Sour vape juice arrives in 100ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. The 70/40 VG/PG base provides nice fluffy vape clouds and a good solid throat hit.

Drip This Sour Vape Juice Flavor Review


Refreshing juicy watermelon slices with a sour twist. On the inhale Sour Watermelon ejuice flavor gives your tongue a tingle. On the exhale the sweetness of the watermelon elates your tongue.

Sour Strawberry

Ripe seeded strawberries with and sour infusion. On the inhale of Sour Strawberry vape juice, sour strawberry will delight you with its sugary goodness. On the exhale, the sweetness of the sinful berry flavor take control.


Unique blend of sweet mango and tongue tingling sourness. On the inhale Sour Mango vape juice, the exquisite sourness of the flavor makes your mouth water. The tangy notes hit the palate with a tropical twist. On the exhale, the apple flavor takes control.

Green Apple

Tangy green apples with a salivating sour base. On the inhale of Sour Green Apple vape juice, bursting sour green apple hits every spot on the palate.The crisp notes of fresh apples refresh you all over. On the exhale, the sweetness of the apple flavor takes over, resulting in perfect balance.


Sweet purple grape with a nice sour twist. On the inhale, Sour Grape vape juice gives your tongue a tingle of sour berry flavor. On the exhale, the grape flavor is sweet making your crave more.

Blue Raspberry

Tangy blue raspberries with an even more tangy sour twist. On the inhale Sour Blue Raspberry vape juice, wild sweet sour sugar raspberries makes your mouth water. On the exhale of sweet raspberry floods the palate with intense sweetness.

Drip This Sour is inspired by those classic sweet and sour and coaxed in crystallized sugar candy. Drip This Sour is made available in generous 100ml Chubby Gorilla vape juice bottles. Try Drip This Sour for a fruity and sour vape bonanza.

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