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Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid

Boasting a unique range of tastes, Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid is one of the industry's most recognized names in vaping. It is an exceptional line of flavors that have gone onto become some of the most successful, winning several awards and being a favorite vape for thousands of people around the world. From an out-of-this-world S'mores flavor to Mustache Milk, there is an extensive selection to slather your tastes with flavor.

Charlie's Chalk Dust is one of the brands that is dedicated to its customers. This brand brings their customers a variety of flavors so they have one for every mood. The brand is headquartered in Southern California and has become home to several industry-leading premium vape juice brands, including Pachamama, Meringue, STUMPS E-Liquid, The Creator of Flavors, and more. It is now serving more than 90 countries around the world.

Charlie's Chalk Dust Vape Juice Flavor Review

Outdoors and S'mores

Reminisce to a time when you were younger camping with your favorite people roasting gooey marshmallows. Outdoors & S'mores will aid in this reminiscing with the authentic taste of s'mores. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Outdoors & S'mores, the taste of graham cracker floods your taste buds as if you were taking a bite out of an actual s'more. As you exhale, the marshmallow and chocolate flavor combine with the graham cracker flavor creating the best replica of a s'more on the market.

Black Ice

Black Ice is a scary thing but fears not Charlie's Chalk Dust brings you a less scary, and much more fun version of black ice. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Black Ice, the taste of slightly tart blackberries washes over your taste buds. Then, a cucumber flavor mixes in soothing those taste buds from the tartness. As you exhale, the menthol base comes through leaving your taste buds feeling refreshed and ready for another puff.

Big Belly Jelly

Revive your taste buds with Big Belly Jelly. This candy-flavored vape juice is so authentic your mouth will water at just the thought. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Big Belly Jelly, the taste of blueberry candy will wash across your taste buds. With every exhale, the watermelon flavor fuses with the blueberry, switching between each flavor to bring you the best of both worlds of taste. The best thing about Big Belly Jelly is the fact that it brings you such a succulent candy flavor without being too sweet.

Dream Cream

Dream Cream holds true to its name as the intense creaminess is something out of a dream. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Dream Cream, a creamy fudge taste that has hints of vanilla and notes of cinnamon blanket your taste buds in a way that will leave you awestruck. As you exhale, the chocolate flavor gives you one last jolt of its intense flavor before washing off of your taste buds leaving you craving more and more. This vape juice is perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth that you just can't seem to kick. 

Head Bangin Boogie

Head Bangin Boogie will have your head nodding along to the beat of this flavorsome vape juice. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Head Bangin Boogie, the notes of tart blueberries will bring you just enough joy to put some pep in your step. As you exhale, a creamy Popsicle taste combines to create a smooth flavor that provides a sucker punch of richness. This vape juice has just the right amount of smoothness and creaminess that will keep you going all day long. 

King Bellman

King Bellman provides the perfect treat that you can indulge in at any point. This vape juice brings you such a delicious flavor that you'll never want to put it down. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust King Bellman, your taste buds will be met with the taste of authentic brown sugar, as sweet as can be. Then, a warm vanilla flavor will hit your taste buds washing away the brown sugar adding its own taste of sweetness. As you exhale, the flavors combine together creating such an intense flavor you won't ever be able to forget.  

Jam Rock

Jam Rock will be sure to rock your socks off and give you the best flavors available on the market. This recreation of sour apple candy will have your taste buds going crazy. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Jam Rock, the taste of sour green apple will take your taste buds on the trip of their life. As you exhale, the sour notes are taken over by the sweetness of the apple. This vape juice will leave your taste buds craving more and more from your first puff.

Mustache Milk

Mustache Milk delivers such an authentic cereal taste that you won't ever be able to put it down. This vape juice is something so out of this world that your taste buds will throw a party in your mouth. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Mustache Milk, the taste of apple cinnamon cereal washes over your taste buds creating something out of a fairy tale with its flavor. As you exhale, the milkiness takes over-washing your taste buds clean leaving you wanting more and more. 

Slam Berry

Slam Berry will slam into your taste buds as you've never experienced before. The taste of strawberries and cream has never been better. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Slam Rock, a tidal wave of strawberry cream hits your taste buds. The tangy hints of strawberries will be quickly smothered with the creaminess. As you exhale, the ice cream flavor fuses in creating the best euphoric feeling you've ever felt.   

Wonder Worm

Wonder Worm will certainly have your taste buds wondering where this vape juice was your entire life. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Wonder Worm, the gummy candy hits your taste buds giving them the sweetness they desire. As you exhale, sweet yet tart candies combine with the gummy candy flavor providing the best recreation of a candy shop you'll ever be able to find. Mixing these two candies together was something that until Charlie's Chalk Dust and it's something you'll yell from the rooftops about. 

Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps Collection Flavor Review

Stumps B

Stumps "B" will have you stumbling over your words with its mouth-watering flavors. The mix between granola and honeycomb will have your taste buds up in your arms. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps "B" the taste of granola hits your taste buds exciting them to the max. As you exhale, the honeycomb flavor melts across your taste buds. Stumps B vape juice is something so simple yet so scrumptious that you won't ever be able to forget it. 

Stumps Don

Stumps "Don" will bring you all of the glorious tastes of cookie butter without any issue of counting calories. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps "Don" the sucker punch of flavor off cookie butter will melt on your taste buds creating such intense flavors your entire body will erupt in goosebumps. As you exhale, the cookie butter subsides leaving your palate clean and screaming for more. This vape juice will bring you such joy you won't know what to do with it. 

Stumps Rhino

Stumps "Rhino" will trample over your taste buds, shaking them to their very core with these delicious flavors. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps "Rhino" the taste of fresh ginger ale hits. This mouth-watering flavor is something straight from the tap. As you exhale, the spice of the ginger comes through again, exciting your taste buds one final time before washing off your taste buds leaving you craving more and more. 

Stumps Pop

Stumps "Pop" will have your taste buds popping off the handle with these luscious flavors. As you inhale Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps "Pop" the taste of sour watermelon candy will bring you such an authentic recreation of your favorite childhood hard candies. As you exhale, the sourness subsides leaving only the taste of sugary melon candies. This vape juice will bring you back to your favorite candy shop.

Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid delivers flavors that are so intense you won't believe your taste buds. Their flavors have such a wide range that you'll be sure to find one for any mood you're in.

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