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Air Factory Vape Juice

Delivering a blazing assortment of the industry's finest flavors, Air Factory has become one of the consumers' most prized brands. With a hefty arsenal of flavors to choose from, ranging from a deliciously concocted blue raspberry taffy flavor to a mystery flavor that will leave your tastes puzzled with excitement, there isn't anything better than vaping on Air Factory. Throughout the delicious collection of vape juice tastes, you can experience fruits, candies, custards, menthol flavors, and more. Air Factory is an unbelievably complex brand with an amazing assortment of vape juice for you to try, so don't go another day without this amazing Air Factory.

Air Factory has earned its spot as one of the most popular vape brands. Out of Southern California, Air Factory has created one of the hottest selling collections on the current market. Air Factory consists of countless e-juice lines that are taking the industry by storm, and they've seemingly distinguished themselves by presenting unique flavor combinations while remaining a brand that opts to use high-quality ingredients to provide authentic flavors. While Air Factory flavors have been candy taffy-based, they have now ventured out into not only menthol flavors but also dessert e juice while maintaining that signature Air Factory quality. Air Factory vape also created a salt nicotine line specifically designed for vape pods as well.

Air Factory Vape Juice Review


Blue raspberry taffy is an intoxicating treat, your taste buds scream in pleasure with each inhale you take. This authentic sticky taffy flavor will have your sweet tooth finally satisfied all day long. This blend of sour and sweet is sure to please from the first hit to the last. On the inhale a smooth rush of that sticky taffy mixed with slightly tangy blue raspberries will make your mouth start to water. On the exhale the sour notes increase to provide that authentic tart blue raspberry flavor you've been seeking.


Berry Rush by Air Factory is the nostalgic taffy candied e juice, blending sweet ripe strawberries and hand-picked blueberries with an authentic taffy candy flavor base. Berry Rush is a great sweet and tart flavor candy fix and is sure to please your sweet tooth. This candy flavor will keep you coming back for more and more with every inhale and exhale you take. 


Air Factory is known for its authentic taffy flavors, and now it was time to obtain that delicious watermelon taffy e-juice with Melon Lush. Melon Lush is a genuine recreation of that sweet and sticky watermelon taffy. Air Factory's candy taffy base is from your sweet tooth's dreams and is sure to delight with each puff. Your sweet tooth will be thanking you later for indulging in Melon Lush by Air Factory. 


Strawberry Kiwi Ejuice is for everyone who craves the combination of strawberries and kiwis when summertime comes around. The sugared mixture of fruity flavors hits the spot. Every inhale of Strawberry Kiwi e-liquid teases the taste buds with sweetness, tartness, and complex, tangy notes. The exhale is a blend of authentic strawberry and kiwi delight.


Wild Apple by Air Factory is a savory candy blend with an authentic green apple flavor that is sure to please. From the first puff to the last that intense candy apple flavor will keep you on your toes. These crisp apples truly taste like freshly picked off an orchard. Air Factory Wild Apple will surely drive your taste buds wild with every puff you take!


Mystery vape juice flavor keeps vape enthusiasts guessing by combining a profound complex and layered combination of sweet candy, tart berries, and juicy fruit flavors that swirl around the tongue, hitting every spot on the taste buds with something different. On the inhale, sugar taffy delivers a serious punch of flavor. As you exhale, a cocktail of sweet fruits and slightly sour berries blended for something extraordinary.


Pink Punch is the perfect flavor to have by the side of a pool on a summer's day. This pink lemonade flavor will have your thirst quenched and leave you with the flavor of sweet candy. On the inhale you'll be captivated by the blend of strawberries and tart lemons. Then, on the exhale you will l experience the mouthwatering clouds of scrumptious sweets.


Mix Berry, formerly Mystery, has become an industry favorite, boasting a delicious concoction of flavors that will surely make your mouth water with excitement. The tasty ensemble of flavors seems to light up your day and bring you flavor-filled joy, boasting a tasty mix that sticks around for you to enjoy later. It consists of all berry flavors, such as blackberries, blueberries, and a distinct strawberry flavor that makes for the most perfect vape.


Tobacco is yet another flavor concoction that Air Factory has perfected, creating that rich tobacco flavor that seems to satisfy your tastes with ease. This extraordinary blend is the perfect tobacco vape, leaving you with a smooth and fulfilling classic taste that dazzles your flavor receptors and lingers to excite you for more flavor. It is just that natural tobacco flavor you've been tirelessly searching for.


Bold Tobacco is an advanced flavor creation that seems to hit just the right spot for many tobacco enthusiasts. This fulfilling full-bodied blend offers that classic Virginia tobacco flavor everyone enjoys. It is a gentle flavor to offer your tastes, leaving them in a craze of sweet and smooth tobacco. From the first puff to the very last cloud you exhale, there is nothing better than this Bold Tobacco vape juice.


Unflavored is a new addition to the Air Factory collection, providing a flavorless option for those that enjoy vaping without added flavorings or for those that want to add their own special blend of flavors. This bland mix contains a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and your choice of nicotine strength, which consists of 3mg and 6mg.


Mango by Air Factory will sweep you away to tropical islands with ripe fruit ready for picking. This vape juice is so spot on you'll have to take another puff. On the inhale, the succulent juices of mangoes will coat the tongue. When you exhale you'll be met with a candy flavor you can't resist. This mango flavor has such authentic notes to it that with every puff you take you will be on cloud nine. Air Factory has truly outdone itself with this one.

If you are searching for authentic tastes and tongue-tickling flavor combinations that use high-quality ingredients, give Air Factory ejuice a try. It comes packed with many assorted flavors for you to try. By the time you take just the first puff, you'll know why everyone continues to rely on Air Factory for premium vape juice.

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