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Skwezed Salt

The Skwezed Salt collection features an unbelievable fusion of premium vape juice flavors. From sweet to tangy, you will find an incredible selection of flavors that deliver both refreshing and exciting tastes. The brand focuses on freshly-squeezed flavor profiles that consist of various fruits, such as grapefruit, green apple, mango, and more. The unique blends are about as authentic as it gets, which is why Skwezed Salt premium vape juice has become a favored choice for thousands of vapers around the world. Each bottle is 30mL in size, features a 50/50 blend to balance flavor and vapor output, and is available in 25mg and 50mg salt nicotine strengths.

Skwezed Salt by Skwezed E-Liquid is a remarkable brand based out of sunny California. It is a brand under the umbrella of VPR Collection, a vape juice manufacturer that has developed some of the industry’s most recognized names, such as The Bubble Co., Dr. Frost, Kernel, and even the SQRL Pod Device. Skwezed Salt has become one of its most successful brands. The Skwezed brand creates high-quality, premium vape juice that offers out of this world tastes. While its competitors focus heavily on creating overly complex flavors, Skwezed focused on simple flavors that have been perfected with the taste of real fruits. Setting itself apart from the rest is how Skwezed has become an industry-leading vape brand.

Skwezed Salt Vape Juice Flavor Review

Green Apple

Green Apple by Skwezed Salt is an outstanding flavor creation that delivers the taste of freshly-picked, crisp green apple. While there aren’t any additional flavors that tag along with this fascinating flavor, it does come packed with subtle notes you may notice throughout your experience with it. When inhaled, you obviously get a green apple that is full of flavor. When you exhale, the flavor presents a lingering taste and hints of sweet and tart.


Peach by Skwezed Salt is a calming taste of sweet peach we just know your taste buds will be eager to explore. This peach blend by Skwezed Salt is an incredible flavor that was made with simplicity, yet tastes so much more complex. Using its expert mixologists, Skwezed created a peach flavor that utilizes assorted fruits to present an amazing vape experience. Once you’ve inhaled, you taste nothing short of the tang from peaches, while the exhale offers the natural sweetness of fruits. It is a subtle blend that is smooth, lightly sweetened, with a mild flavor that is perfect for vaping all day.


Lychee by Skwezed Salt is a brilliantly executed vape juice flavor that will keep you coming back to enjoy the calm and serenity that this tasty vape offers. No matter the season, this springtime flavor of Lychee is one you will want to continuously revisit. It provides the unique and very delicious taste of Lychee on the inhale, while the exhale leaves an aftermath of a perfectly balanced sweet and tart flavor you are sure to fall for with every puff.


Mango by Skwezed Salt is an outstanding complement to the remarkable selection Skwezed Salt offers. It is a succulent mango flavor that tastes deliciously smooth throughout your time vaping it. With its simplicity, you receive nothing but the full mango flavor on both the inhale and exhale, yet the sweet and tanginess of the fruit will remain in your mouth for some time as it continues to soak on the tongue.


Grapefruit by Skwezed Salt is one of Skwezed’s most popular vape juice flavors. It delivers loads of flavor with every puff, making it one you won’t want to miss out on. From start to finish, this grapefruit flavor offers sweetness, and tartness, giving you the perfect balance. Once you’re finished, the flavor doesn’t stop though. It continues to absorb on your tongue so that you continue to remember it.

If you are a fan of authentic fruit flavors and prefer the simplicity of Skwezed Salts, we are certain that these delicious flavors will make for the perfect pairing with your vape pod system. Skwezed offers an incredible collection that has become extremely popular, and after tasting each flavor, you will know why.

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