SMOK Nord Regular Coils 5-Pack
SMOK Nord Regular Coil
SMOK Nord Mesh Coil
SMOK Nord Mesh Coils 5-Pack
SMOK Nord Replacement Coils


Smok Nord Replacement Coils 5-Pack

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Smok Nord Replacement Coils 5-Pack

Smok Nord Coils Review

Replenish your supply and enjoy optimum vaping satisfaction with the SMOK Nord Replacement Coils 5-Pack. The SMOK Nord's revolutionary design offers you the option of choosing the coil that suits the vaping experience you are looking for. Experience the SMOK Nord just as it was when you first bought it, bring it back to life, and breathe a breath of fresh air back into this outstanding device so that you can get back to doing what you enjoy most, which is vaping and using the SMOK Nord Vape Pod System.

If you are looking for a dense puff that chucks decent clouds for your SMOK Nord, the 0.6ohm stainless mesh coil is the best solution. This coil is best for your standard vape juices that have higher VG ratios. It allows you to experience a large volume of vapor, providing greater performance and allows more air to pass through. The coil heavily affects your experience, so it is vital that you choose the best coil option for your particular vaping style.

The 1.0ohm ceramic coil is best for flavor chasers and the 1.4ohm standard Nord coils are catered towards salt nic and throat hits. The higher the resistance, the more restricted the airflow will be. Oftentimes, a higher resistance will be best for those who prioritize flavor. While producing large clouds is satisfying, experiencing the true intended flavor of your vape juice is even more pleasing for many. The 1.4ohm coil is ideal for those looking to use salt nicotine vape juice. It is the highest resistance, it features a pleasing throat hit, while at the same time making a smooth experience that is well balanced.

Coils are one of the most important parts of your vape setup. Without them, vaping wouldn't be possible. When the device is activated, it allows the battery to supply power to the coil. Once the coil has power, it will heat up before the point of combustion, sizzling and crackling, turning your vape juice into a flavorsome vapor. The only way to gain the best experience vaping is to consistently replace the coil. Choosing the right coil for your vaping style is important. It can be the make it or break it part of your experience, either providing an enjoyable vape or one that doesn't quite suit you. Feel free to choose the option that works for you best; for sub-ohm vaping, for flavor, or for restricted salt nicotine vaping.

SMOK Nord Coil Options

  • 0.6ohm Stainless Mesh Coil - Sub-ohm use and for vapor production
  • 1.0ohm Ceramic Coil - Best for Flavor
  • 1.4ohm Regular Coil - Suited for Tight Draws and Salt Nicotine

SMOK Nord Coils Include

  • 5-Pack of Coils (Your Choice between Regular, Mesh or Ceramic Coils)