WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Kilo Eliquids

Kilo Eliquids flavors have a unique flavor blend that other vape juice companies aspire for. Kilo Eliquids vape juice delivers intense flavor without being overwhelming and satisfy the sweet spot every time. Kilo Eliquids will make your taste buds tickle and will bring you a sensational flavor combination of goodness.

Kilo Eliquids Original Series

Kilo Dewberry Cream

Dewberry Cream e-liquid by Kilo Eliquids boasts ripe flavors of cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, blueberries and sweet cream. On the inhale, Dewberry Cream e liquid, delivers a unique blend of honeydew, melon and Kilo's rich signature cream. On the exhale, the signature rich cream balances out the tartness and satisfies your taste buds.

Kilo Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk ejuice by Kilo Eliquids offers up your favorite fruity cereal flavor drenched in a cold glass of milk. 

Kilo Kiberry Yogurt

Kiberry Yogurt is a refreshing take on strawberry kiwi yogurt. On the exhale the flavor profile is balances out with Kilo's signature cream.

Kilo Tru Blue

Tru Blue E-Juice by Kilo is a favorite flavored vape in the original series. Fresh, subtle and sweet hues of creamy blueberry custard make Tru Blue a standout premium E-liquid.

Kilo Fruit Whip

Fruit Whip E-Juice by Kilo is a delightful combination of fresh green apples, mixed tropical fruits, pears and mixed berries and the draw with a whipped cream release.

Kilo Eliquids Black Series

Apple Pie by Kilo Black E-Juice lets your taste buds reminisce about mom’s old-fashioned cinnamon sprinkled apple pies with a golden buttery crust baked to perfection. Birthday Cake by Kilo Black E-Juice invokes nuances of moist yellow cake topped with thick vanilla frosted and drizzled with rainbow sprinkles. Milk & Cookies by Kilo Black E-Juice boasts sugary cookie dough and chocolate chip flavors on the inhale with a delightfully milky release. Honey Creme by Kilo Black E-Juice lends itself to the glories of creamy vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with honey and offers an exhale filled with toasty roasted nuts.

Kilo Eliquids White Series

Each flavored kilo vape juice in the Kilo E-Liquids White Series arrives in an elegant Kilo gift box. Cinnamon Roll E-Juice by Kilo White Series ensures that each puff is filled with the buttery warmth of a cinnamon roll smothered in a sugary vanilla cream. The White Chocolate Strawberry E-Juice by Kilo E-Liquids are bursting with ripe strawberry flavor on the draw with a rich creamy release. You'll love the complex and refined taste of the Kilo E-Liquid White Series from the first vape to the last.

Kilo Candy Series

Green Apple O's Kilo Candy Series

Kilo Eliquids does it again with the Green Apple O's by Kilo Candy Series, the lip puckering flavor of granny smith green apples dressed in sweet gummy candy that's a throwback to nostalgic memories.

When you inhale Kilo Candy Series Green Apple O's the apple candy goodness will satisfy your sweet tooth. On the exhale, the sweet sugary taste of candied apple gummy will make your sweet tooth happy satisfying your candy cravings.

With high-quality ingredients the vape juice from Kilo Eliquids provides the taste buds with the authentic, enchanting taste of delicious. You’ll know why this brand is still in rotation after four years. Kilo Eliquids ability to develop unbelievably delicious flavors is undeniable after your first inhale. Whether you desire gloriously fresh fruit blends or rich, decadent desserts, Kilo Eliquids has something for you.