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Milk King Ejuice

Milk King by Candy King has developed four new vape juice flavors that can easily satisfy your decadent dessert cravings. Milk King E-juice by Candy King premium vape juice brand has released succulent milky flavors made with only the finest of high-quality ingredients. Candy King is known for crafting lip smacking candied e-juice flavors. Whether you desire luxurious rich, decadent desserts, candied flavors, now no matter what it is that you crave, Milk King e-liquid by Candy King has a flavor for you.

Milk King Vape Juice Flavor Review

Milk King Cereal

If you still crave that classic cereal flavor, you’re in luck. Milk King Cereal e-juice from Milk King by Candy King tastes exactly like that beloved cereal with the addition of smooth, creamy milk. This fruity cereal flavor will give you child-like glee with every puff you take. Take a trip back to simpler times with every inhale and exhale you take of Milk King Cereal. 

Milk King Chocolate

Milk King Chocolate by Candy King is the reminiscent flavor of your favorite glass of chocolate milk. No matter how old you are, you simply can’t resist a big, cold glass of rich and creamy chocolate milk. Milk King Chocolate e-juice gets this iconic flavor perfectly. With every inhale you’ll feel like you'll experience the comforting taste splashing onto your taste buds.

Milk King Strawberry

Strawberry by Milk King e-juice delivers mouth-watering strawberry milk topped of with heavy whipped cream. It’s the delicious strawberry milk flavor made with smooth silky milk and handpicked ripe strawberries. Sweet juicy strawberries cuts through the heavy whipped cream flavor wonderfully bathing your tongue in delicious strawberry-infused creamy milk flavor.

Milk King Honey

Honey by Milk King is a blend of raw honey doused in sweet creamy milk bursts onto the palate and makes your mouth-water. Then, a trickle of honey satisfies the sweet tooth. If sweet and savory desserts make your taste buds scream, look no further than Milk King Honey. This vape juice will have your taste buds instantly happy with your first puff as they taste the amazingly accurate milk honey flavor. 


Milk King provides you with the delicious flavors of all of your favorite milky treats. With every vape juice  you try you will be able to indulge in all of the out of this world milky flavors. Brought to you by DripMore E-Liquids, this vape juice will give you a vaping experience like never before. 

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