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Beard Salt Nic

For years the vaping industry has been blessed with a large variety of e-liquid brands, and ultimately it and the consumers who purchased it is what fueled the industry, making it as large as it’s become. With ease, you can scour the Internet and find thousands of brands to choose from, all of which hone their specific craft and unique flavor offerings. There is one brand that has stuck out from the norm and carried along with it an iconic logo, and that is Beard Vape Co., one of the industry’s largest and most recognizable e-liquid brands.

Though the market is filled with exceptional vape juice blends that all offer a unique experience of their own, there isn't anything that quite compares to the encounter you receive from Beard Salt Nic. This brand is dazzled with plenty of iconic flavors, all of which have been perfectly crafted with the finest ingredients. With the slew of different tastes, you'll easily find a newly discovered favorite. Explore everything from a delicious strawberry cheesecake to a taste bud quenching peach candy and more.

The Beard Salt Nic Collection

Beard Vape Co has an incredible history, and the way it’s told, you can truly appreciate what the company is and the growth they’ve experienced. As you can begin to tell, it’s a brand that resonates well with vaping consumers, and the ones behind Beard Vape Co have even said that “because of the amount of feedback that led to creating the initial three flavors, we like to say that it was really the customers who created the juice.” All of the nic salts from this line come in 30ml bottles.

Carrying on those customer creations to make the product available for those that prefer vapor pod systems, the Beard Salts Collection was created, which are your favorite Beard Vape Co specially formulated flavors in nicotine salt e-liquid, and created ideally for vapor pod systems and mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices. The Beard Salts Collection was not only created to give a large audience the opportunity to enjoy Beard Vape Co’s flavor just as everyone else does, but it allows them to enjoy a higher nicotine strength that is more satisfying and helps reduce e-liquid consumption, which means less money spent and more saving!

Beard Salt Nic Vape Juice Review

Beard Salt Nic NO. 00

Beard Nicotine Salts: Many feel that it’s simply chocolate-covered coffee beans, but we can tell you that it’s much more than that. Though that’s unique in itself, NO. 00 a brilliant blend that is highly complex, offering a mix of tobacco, mocha, coffee, and cream. The result is one of the most satisfying tobacco vapes you’ll ever try.

Beard Salt Nic NO. 05

Known throughout the industry for its unique taste that people rave about, NO. 05 is one that is a must-try. It features a sweet and creamy New York-style cheesecake, a dessert the state is known for. With a light glaze of strawberry drizzled on top and a set of fresh strawberries scattered, this will be the best strawberry cheesecake you’ll taste.

Beard Salt Nic NO. 32

There’s no doubt about it that NO. 32 is one of the more enjoyable dessert flavors that exist within the Beard Salts line-up. It’s ultimately a Cinnamon Funnel Cake, which is comprised of a funnel cake that tastes as if it’s fresh from the fair, and coated with just the right amount of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Beard Salt Nic NO. 42

Though Beard Vape Co is known for its savory dessert that is fun and satisfying, they’ve also gained a name for themselves due to NO. 42, a cold and refreshing fruit cup that consists of peaches, pears, and white grape with a blend of mixed fruits, and just the right dose of menthol to keep things cool.

Beard Salt Nic NO. 71

You’ve heard about its tobacco flavor, savory desserts, and a dose of fruit-infused vapor, and now it’s time to explore the taste of candy and give in to your sweet tooth. NO. 71 is all about peach, and it’s in the candy form. Enjoy this delicious, soured peach candy flavor until your heart's content.

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