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Just making its way to the market, Clapback is looking to revitalize our taste buds and deliver a fresh flavor experience by creating premium vape juice that offers the most extraordinary tastes. From iced tea to a perfectly concocted grape flavor, there is a lot of deliciousness to explore from Clapback vape juice.

Clapback is a premium vape juice brand that was just developed and released by one of the industry's largest manufacturing brands, Saveurvape. It is a manufacturer based in Torrance, California, and the same company that is responsible for hit-makers, such as SVRF E-Liquid, The Standard Vape, Jackson Vapor Co, and more. The collection of flavors consists of various assorted fruit flavors, which are available in regular and salt nicotine options using tobacco-free nicotine.

Clapback Vape Juice Review


Making for the most satisfying taste, Bliss delivers just the right combination of flavors to create another all-day vape. This delicious blend recreates the taste of a white peach iced tea by bringing together a juicy white peach with a classic iced tea flavor.


There isn't anything more satisfying than the flavor of grape. This dazzling blend will blow you away as you taste ripe grapes bursting with loads of flavor to enjoy. Experience it now and allow this refreshing flavor to become your new favorite.

Citrus Breeze

Enjoy each savory moment to the fullest by giving in to this amazing mixture of flavors. Citrus Breeze shares a citrus blood orange flavor paired with the slightly sour taste of pineapple, generating a flavor experience that is exciting, yet soothing.

Island Crisp

Ready yourself for a brilliant trio of flavors that everyone is falling in love with. These three flavors consist of juicy-red strawberries, sweet tropical mangoes, and the crisp taste of apples. It's a brilliantly concocted vape juice blend you cannot get enough of.

Pure Delight

Giving you a sweet and delicious flavor you'll want to explore any chance you get, Pure Delight is definitely one you should consider adding to your collection. It is a true all-day vape juice, boasting a perfect combination of candy flavors to create a strawberry chew.

Tropical Chill

If you've been hunting for a vape juice blend that will satisfy your taste buds to the fullest, Tropical Chill is the one you are after. It brings you an amazing mix of honeydew, cantaloupe, and menthol, creating a refreshing honeydew cantaloupe chill.

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