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Kilo E Liquids Salt Series 

Kilo E Liquids Salt Series Review

Kilo E Liquids have created countless flavors that are sure to drive your taste buds wild with every vape juice that try. Each flavor mixed by Kilo E Liquids has so much flavor packed into them that you won't want to stop at just trying one. These extravagant flavors range from tobacco, to fruity, to minty; with Kilo E Liquids the flavor creations are endless. 

Based out of Orange County, California Kilo E Liquids has been creating premium-quality vape juice since 2014. Along with created countless consumer favorite vape juices, Kilo E Liquids has also played a big part in vape advocacy along with successfully achieving industry-changing feats including co-founding California's first Vape Trade Association, California Smoke-Free Organization (CSFO). Founded by Army Veteran James Kim and Jon Lee, they have built a vape juice brand with creative ideas, world renowned flavors, and complete originality. Kilo E Liquids have won more than 10 awards and many more are sure to come for their outstanding flavors. 

Kilo Salt Smooth Tobacco

Kilo Salt Smooth Tobacco will have you falling in love with this classic, rich tobacco flavor that has been created. This vape juice flavor is sure to have your taste buds going crazy from your first inhale until your last with the outstanding recreation or robust, smooth tobacco dancing across your taste buds. Kilo E Liquids have surely outdone themselves with this one!

Kilo Salt Watermelon Peach

Kilo Salt Watermelon Peach combines the taste of juicy watermelons with sweet southern peaches in such a way that you won't want to stop puffing on it. This vape juice is a fusion that has not been done many times, however it is burst with flavor that will leave your jaw on the floor from the first drop until your last. Take your taste buds on a wild adventure with every puff of watermelon peach by Kilo Salt Series!

Kilo Salt Wild Strawberry

Kilo Salt Series Wild Strawberry will have your jaw on the floor with every puff you take. This authentic strawberry flavor will keep you on your toes with every puff you take. Kilo E Liquids has created this strawberry vape juice flavor with such precision that with every inhale and exhale you will feel as if you're munching on freshly sliced strawberries. Every Kilo Salt Series e-juice will have you filling your pod consistently to get some more of these delightful creations. 

Kilo Salt Mint Tobacco

Kilo Salt Mint Tobacco takes the traditional classic tobacco flavor we all know and love and puts a twist on it. This tobacco flavor is paired with a minty base that is sure to drive your taste buds wild. This vape juice has created the perfect balance of tobacco and mint with this vape juice and with every puff you take the taste of rich tobacco will swirl across your taste buds combining with the minty base and driving your taste buds wild. 

Kilo Salt Tropical Blue

Kilo Salt Tropical Blue fuses together a delightful mango flavor that is as juicy as can be with a blue raspberry flavor that is sure to send your taste buds into oblivion. This vape juice is a flavor extravaganza that you won't want to stop puffing on. With every inhale and exhale the mixture of juicy mangoes and slightly sour blue raspberries will fuse together across your taste buds and leave you salivating for more. Kilo E Liquids has created an out of the box vape juice flavor that you won't want to stop puffing on.

Kilo Salt Mixed Berries

Kilo Salt Mixed Berries is the fusion of various sweet berries to create a vape juice that will leave your mouth watering all day long! As you inhale Kilo Salt Mixed Berries, the taste of sweet berries will caress your taste buds and leave you wanting more and more. As you exhale, the taste subsides slightly and will leave you craving more of this succulent vape juice. 

Kilo Salt Jungle Berries

Kilo Salt Jungle Berries the taste of sweet and sour berries will have your taste buds on cloud nine instantly. The mixture of these berries will have your lips puckering then right after the sourness will be soothed away by the sweetness. This vape juice is sure to have you puffing on it all day long with the immaculate flavor that has been created. Drive your taste buds off their rocker with every puff you take of Kilo Salt Jungle Berries. 

Kilo Salt Fresh Mango

Kilo Salt Fresh Mango is a vape juice that will take your taste buds to their favorite tropical destination. This vape juice is sure to have your taste buds in a frenzy from the first puff of this authentic mango flavored vape juice. With every puff you take the taste of juicy mangoes will dance across your taste buds leaving you breathless. Kilo E Liquids has bottled such an accurate mango flavor that you will feel as if you're snacking on freshly sliced mangoes. 


Kilo Salt Series by Kilo E Liquids is for sure going to be come one of your go to salt nicotine lines to vape on. With each flavor you try you will be hit with the outstanding flavors created by the extremely talented mixologists at Kilo E Liquids. Indulge in your favorite flavors today with our rock bottom prices. 

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