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Loaded by Ruthless is now available in a salt nicotine form. Loaded NICSALT will become pod system users e-juice to vape on. Loaded on Salts brings you dessert flavors that pack a punch with how much flavor they have. They are available in 25mg and 50mg and come in 30ml chubby bottle.  

Loaded E-Liquid NICSALT Review

Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter salt nic will bring you the joy that a freshly baked apple pie brings you no matter where you are. With succulent caramelized apples combined with the hint of spice that the cinnamon sprinkled on top brings, this vape juice will send your taste buds on the flavor ride of their life. On the inhale, you will see stars with this sucker punch of flavor. Caramelized apples have never tasted so good. On the exhale the slightest bit of cinnamon grazed across your taste buds sending them into a frenzy.

Cran Apple Juice Salt

This divine vape juice is certainly one for the books. Cran Apple Juice brings you the mouth watering taste of rich cranberries and crisp apples. Cran Apple Juice will wash across your taste buds like an ice cold drink in the middle of summer, hydrating them to the max. With every inhale and exhale, the taste of cranberries and apples wash across your taste buds like the ocean washes onto the shoreline. This vape juice is an ultimate all-day-vape.

Cran Apple Juice Iced Salt

For an even more rejuvenating vape juice, Loaded released Cran Apple Juice Iced. This vape juice brings you the re-hydrating flavors that Cran Apple Juice brings you, with a menthol base that is to die for. With every inhale, the taste of ripe cranberries and crisp apples dance across your taste buds like drinking a tall glass of an ice cold drink. Then, with every exhale, the twist of menthol refreshes your taste buds like no other, leaving your taste buds feeling cool and ready for the day.

Cookie Butter

For this scrumptious vape juice, Ruthless looked to the crispy, flavorsome Belgian cookies that are then blended into a creamy butter. Cookie Butter brings you the delectable flavor of Belgian cookie butter without the hassle of trying to find it in a store. This vape juice will have you salivating from the moment you open the bottle with its dreamy aroma. With every inhale and exhale, your taste buds will be hit with the sweet, creamy flavor of cookie butter. 

Glazed Donuts Salt

Everyone's favorite morning treat is here in a vape juice, and it's taking names. This vape juice has shocked the vaping community to its core since it was released. As one of the number one selling vape juices by Ruthless, Glazed Donuts holds true to what it is named after. Even after multiple bottles of this vape juice your taste buds will still be shocked with how flavor-packed it is. On every inhale and exhale, your taste buds will be greeting with the warm taste of freshly baked fluffy dough with an intoxicating glaze to top it off. 

Melon Milkshake Salt

Melon lovers rejoice because this juice was made for you. Melon milkshake brings you the tastes of luscious melons that are ripened to perfection, blending into milkshake that is as smooth as a babies bottom, and a slight taste of honey for added sweetness. With every inhale the sweet taste of a milkshake caresses your taste buds. Then, the melon taste combines with the milkshake flavor sending your taste buds into a mess of flavor. As you exhale, the sweet honey flavor grazes across your taste buds bringing all of the flavors together in a blend that will blow your mind. 

Lemon Bar

Lemon Bar e-liquid will take you on a trip to a lovely french cafe in the heart of France. This vape juice was inspired by Tarte au citron, a world renowned French dessert. Lemon Bar brings you the tingling flavor of citrus fused with powdered sugar. This vape juice brings you the tartness of the citrus then washes it down with the sweetness of powered sugar. Lemon Bar is truly a treat, that will teleport you with every inhale and exhale. 

Raspberry Eclair

Raspberry Eclair brings you a flavor that will rock you to your core. The sweet yet tart raspberry filling of this e-juice duels with the doughy base to create a flavor-packed vape juice. With every inhale, the taste of perfectly sweetened raspberries that still have a slight tartness to them blankets your taste buds. With every exhale, the doughy base of this vape juice washes away the sweetness and tartness of the raspberries leaving your taste buds jonesing for your next puff.

Strawberry Donuts

Following in a close second to glazed donuts, strawberry filled donuts are the best morning treat. Well now, you can have that strawberry doughnut without a guilty conscious. With Strawberry Donuts, you get the succulent flavor of a freshly baked, fluffy doughnut filled with sweet strawberry filling with no remorse. With every inhale and exhale of this vape juice you will be taken to another world of flavor that you've never been. This vape juice is so flavored packed you will feel as if you were hit with a semi-truck of flavor.

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