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Yogi Salts Eliquid

Yogi is one of the most top selling brands on the current market and has now released their own line of nicotine salt flavors! These nic salts are specifically made for pod systems and are not to be used on Sub-Ohm devices. Their higher concentrates of nicotine allow for consumers to puff less throughout the day by pleasing their cravings.

Yogi Salt Nic is available in their 4 original famous e-juices and is offered in 35mg or 50mg nicotine levels. Their flavors include Peanut Butter Banana, Original, Strawberry, and Blueberry. Yogi Salt Nic is packaged in a 30ml bottle, more than enough to keep you satisfied for weeks! 

Yogi creates their vape juices based with a granola flavor. This is different than those boring fruit combinations or those dessert flavors, but you are sure to not be disappointed by these intoxicating flavors. You won't believe your taste buds after you indulge in Yogi Salt Nic, and with our rock-bottom prices, you can try them all!

Yogi Eliquid Salt Nicotine Flavor Review

Yogi Peanut Butter Banana Granola Salt Nic

We all know how amazing of a combination peanut butter and bananas are, truly intoxicating, and the best type of granola bars? I think you see where I'm heading, there is just no denying this succulent flavor fusion is just the best. Yogi Salt Nic has now created the perfect all-day-vape flavor with this flavor profile. No more need to eat a whole box of granola bars in a day, receive that same savory taste with Yogi! On the inhale that creamy peanut butter flavor is sure to please as it smothers your tongue. A refreshing banana taste to wash down that thick peanut butter on the exhale makes a perfected balance. That authentic granola taste is fused with on the exhale too. 

Yogi Granola Bar Salt Nic

Re-energize with this authentic granola bar flavor from Yogi. Yogi Original Granola Bar savory blend has been fused with a light sticky honey undertone to give a flavor packed experience. This flavor-packed e-liquid is anything but plain. Your taste buds will be pleased with that genuine granola taste on the inhale. You will be confused if you had just bitten into a real granola bar, or if this truly is a vape juice. On the exhale as that granola flavor intensifies a sweet honey flavor will dance across your taste buds pleasing than with its intoxicating taste. 

Yogi Strawberry Granola Bar Salt Nic

Strawberry Granola Bar by Yogi Salt Nic won't just kick those nicotine cravings but will also please your taste buds with its savory flavor. This blend of juicy strawberries, genuine granola, and a light honey flavor will leave you begging for more. This succulent blend will please from the first drop to the last. On the inhale a rush of juicy strawberries is sure to delight. This fruity taste is complemented with that authentic granola flavor. On the exhale a sticky rush of honey will leave you craving for more. This honey vape juice flavor also provides a wash down to that intense strawberry flavor, and come on, strawberries and honey? Delicious! 

Yogi Blueberry Granola Bar Salt Nic

If strawberries aren't your thing and you prefer a more tart fruity taste Blueberry Granola Bar by Yogi is sure to become your new favorite e-juice. This flavor-packed blend fuses granola and ripe blueberries with an added undertone of sticky honey to tie it together. This tangy combination has a perfected balance between tart and sweet. That honey base provides a sweet taste to that blueberry vape juice flavor. On the inhale your taste buds will scream with pleasure as that blueberry flavor smothers your tongue. On the exhale a mixture of honey and granola provide an authentic granola bar taste with each puff. 

Ditch those granola bars you had packed for your next camping trip and save on Yogi Salt Nic instead! You will receive that same savory taste with each puff, you won't be able to get enough!

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