WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Jam Monster Salt Nic

Finally Jam Monster has released a salt nicotine line and we cannot be more ecstatic! This breakfast classic brand has ventured out to recreate their most popular flavors into salt nicotine for all those with pod system devices. Breakfast fanatics are losing their minds because now their favorite flavors are available. If you have never indulged in Jam Monster before, now is the perfect time! This premium brand only uses the highest quality ingredients to provide a flavor packed experience with each puff.

Jam Monster Salts come in a 30ml bottle and are available in a 24mg or 48mg nicotine level. Salt nicotine have a higher concentrate giving it the power to kick those cravings with less puffs throughout the day. 

Jam Monster is known for their toast plus butter plus different fruity combinations. But not only has Jam Monster released their most popular flavors in this form, they have also recreated the popular Ice Monster flavor, Mangerine Guava! So all those menthol lovers out there, get ready because you have just found your next favorite flavor.

Jam Monster Salt Nic Juice Review


Blueberry by Jam Monster Salt Nic is a crispy toast creation with a thick blueberry jam and a light butter flavor. This breakfast combination will have you satisfied and ready for your day.  This rich blueberry jam flavor is so authentic in taste you will be shocked and delighted from the first drop to the last. This flavor adds a light tart twist to your usual toast. On the inhale that tangy rush of fresh blueberries will overwhelm your senses. That crispy toast your craving will smother your taste buds next. On the inhale a truly satisfying light butter taste will seal the deal as it washes down those intoxicating flavors.


Strawberry by Jam Monster Salt Nic will make your taste buds please with its breakfast blend. This vape juice will bring you back to the days where you were left running out the house late. What did you eat for breakfast that was quick and simply delicious? Toast, toast is what you ate. This satisfying easy snack is the perfect wake me up. Now with this flavor recreated by Jam Monster Salt and you can indulge in this flavor all day long. But wait, its gets better, we know those mornings you never had time to add a thick layer of jam. Thanks to Jam Monster, they had the time to do it. On the inhale that thick strawberry jam flavor will intoxicate your taste buds. A crispy toast flavor is next to follow with a light custard taste. On the exhale a light creamy butter flavor will fuse with an intensified strawberry vape juice flavor for the perfect exhale

Ice Monster Salt Nic Vape Juice Review

Mangerine Guava

Mangerine Guava is an exotic fusion that will leave you begging for more. This combination of tangerines and guava will provide the ultimate treat. Indulge in this topical paradise that has been packed into a 30ml bottle. You will be delighted from the first puff. To add to this fruity flavor is an icy menthol that will provide a refreshing ending. On the inhale a rush of a lightly tangy tangerine flavor will make your taste buds in a state of euphoria. To balance out this tart flavor is a refreshing juicy guava that is truly authentic. On the exhale is a chilling menthol to tie this e-liquid together.

Ditch breakfast and indulge in that same flavor all day long with Jam Monster Salts. Maybe don't ditch breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day, but you can keep that same taste you love anytime with these savory salt vape juice blends.