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Peach Pear by Juice Head 100ml

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Peach Pear by Juice Head 100ml

Juice Head Peach Pear Vape Juice Review

Juice Head Peach Pear is the succulent blend of sweet southern peaches and juicy pears. This vape juice flavor is so refreshing that you will feel as if you're drinking a cool drink of juice in the middle of summer. 

As you inhale Juice Head Peach Pear, the taste of delicious peach vape juice will hit your taste buds and drive them wild. This flavor is so authentic that with just one puff you will be completely enthralled. As you exhale, the flavor becomes even sweeter as the taste of pears combines with the peachy flavor. Juice Head takes two of the sweetest, juiciest fruits and combines them into a vape juice that will have you salivating from the moment you open the bottle with the delightful aroma. 

Juice Head is a vape juice brand that is dedicated to making all of their vape juices taste as authentic as the fruits they are named after. Every single one of these vape juices has such a refreshing taste to them that you will question if you're drinking a juice or hitting your vape. Juice Head makes all of their vape juices with the highest quality ingredients to ensure that their loyal customers have the best vaping experience. 

Juice Head Peach Pear delivers a sweet fruity vape juice flavor that has just the right amount of sweetness to put some pep in your step without being overwhelming. This vape juice is perfect for those of you who enjoy a sweet fruity flavor. 

Flavor Profile: Peach, Pear

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30