WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NKD 100 Salt Eliquid by Famous Naked 100

nkd 100 salt

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NKD 100 Salt nicotine e-liquid by USA Vape Lab and Naked 100. The vape juice formulas are from the Naked 100 Vape Juice collection and are exactly the same mouth-watering formulas.

NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid is NOT intended for use in sub-ohm tank systems. NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid is intended for low-wattage small form factor pod devices.

Naked 100 is crafted with premium grade ingredient, the #1 sold vape juice brand and the most famed brand in the vape industry. NKD 100 Salt Nicotine vape juice is designed strictly for low-voltage pod bases system vape devices. The intoxicating collection from NKD 100's ultra smooth flavor blends is sure to keep your taste buds buzzing.

NKD 100 Salt Nicotine Juice Review

Amazing Mango

Amazing Mango salt is the flavor combination of a mango, peach, and NKD 100's signature cream. The refreshing, sweet, and creamy salt nicotine vape juice runs across the mouth with its rejuvenating tropical flavor.

American Patriots

American Patriots tobacco is the classic old wild west flavor of a rich bold cut, the full bodied tobacco features distinct mid-range tobacco leaf notes that will flood your mouth with that classic tobacco flavor you crave.

Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze instantly refreshes your mouth with tartness, strawberries, kiwi, pomegranate and ice cool menthol will make your taste buds dazzle. If you are crave a fresh fruity menthol ice cool blend, than NKD 100 Brain Freeze is the one for you.

Lava Flow

Lava Flow delivers the same scrumptious taste of Naked 100 Lava Flow, now made available for your pod based device. The tropical fruit trifecta of coconut , strawberries and pineapple splashes on your tongue with all it's glory seducing your mouth making you crave for more.

Polar Breeze

NKD 100 Polar Breeze is the smooth blend of cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapple than frosted in ice cool menthol. The refreshing exotic fruit blend will dazzle your taste buds leaving your mouth fresh on every puff.

Green Blast

Green Blast is made with fresh granny smith green apples, sweet honeydew and fresh kiwi delivers that sweet and tarty flavor that vape enthusiast go crazy for. If you crave a yummy fuji apple taste, than NKD 100 Green Blast is the perfect choice.

Hawaiian POG

Hawaiian Pog brings the tropics right to your taste buds, presenting a smooth, refreshing and delicious blend of freshly squeezed oranges, passion Fruit's delightfully sweet and tart nectar, and exotically fruity and creamy guava. Delicious down to the very last drop, NKD 100 Salt Hawaiian POG is truly the year round vape for those looking for a perfectly balanced flavor.

Really Berry

NKD 100 Really Berry is bursting with sweetness, freshly picked ripe blueberries combined with complex blackberries than dusted off with a splash of lemon sugar. NKD 100 Salt Really Berry complexity makes it unique for the most finicky taste buds.

Very Cool

Very Cool is a perfect trifecta blend of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, than flash frozen and a splash of honey. The sweet and tangy NKD 100 Very Cool vape juice warms your soul and tingles the taste buds.

Which NKD 100 Salt vape juice will you choose?