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The SMOK brand has become one that’s known throughout the electronic cigarette industry for its ability to consistently deliver innovative and ground-breaking products, making a new hit with each release it unveils. The brand first began its growth in Shenzhen, China back in the year 2010 under its parent company, Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. Since its debut in the e-cigarette landscape, SMOK has focused heavily on creating innovative products to shape the trajectory of the industry’s forward momentum.

Utilizing its highly skilled research and development team, SMOK combined both artistic designs and technology, creating a wonderland of all things vape, including devices, tanks, and accessories. Due to its relentless push forward into a space that was still in its infancy, SMOK has captured the hearts of more than 40 million users scattered across both the USA and Europe and remains to be an industry leader in more than 50 countries.

Immediately perceived as the industry’s staple manufacturer for all things vaping, SMOK began making its mark throughout the market by producing some of the finest equipment. With each year passing, it brought something new to the table that was innovative and changed vaping as we knew it. In fact, in 2011 it revolutionized the industry by introducing dual coil cartomizers and dual coil tanks, in 2012 it released the Vmax and Zmax variable voltage mods, in 2013 it released magnet switches for mechanical mods, bottom coils for clearomizers and tanks, 2014 it launched its Vaping Tour app and Bluetooth mod, 2015 it launched the start of the TF series with the TFV4, 2016 it released the TFV8 and popular Alien Kit, 2017 was the year of the TFV12, which was one of the best selling sub-ohm tanks of all time, and 2018 brought about a slew of new devices as the pod-based market began to develop.

Our point is, SMOK continues to evolve when it comes to its product lineup. Its developmental capability is through the roof, bringing about gaming-changing products that are backed by quality, performance, and convenience. With each passing year, the collection continues to grow, becomes even better, and makes vaping even more enjoyable. With a long list of products under its belt and its drive to only create bigger and better, there is no holding SMOK back. At this point, it leads the market by a strong margin and we do not foresee anything changing in the future. SMOK was, is, and will continue to be the industry's most iconic vape brand.

SMOK Vape Products

The SMOK brand has certainly come a long way, and it has quite the history to back it. The manufacturing brand has seen incredible success since its entrance into the vaping industry, and it’s all due to its consistent outpour of some of the industry’s most remarkable products. By now, SMOK has become a household name for entry-level vapers and vape enthusiasts, and it continues to dominate the market by creating iconic vaping equipment. From their SMOK Stick series to the TF series to its extraordinary lineup of new pod systems, SMOK has the ability to meet and exceed all expectations in the world of vapor.

Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we have an incredible collection of SMOK products, featuring some of the industry’s most ground-breaking devices. You’ll have a wide assortment of SMOK products, such as new mods, pods, vape pens, tanks, and accessories that feature fascinating quality, breathtaking appeal, the industry’s latest technology, and performance capabilities that far exceed others in its class. In our collection of SMOK products, you’ll have the option to choose from several products that are offered at very competitive prices, in fact, some of the lowest on the web. Find some of the most advanced devices, like the Species Kit and G-Priv 2, and some of the most amazing pod systems, such as X-Force AIO Kit, SMOK Novo Starter Kit, and SMOK Nord Kit, along with many accessories, like the TFV12 Prince Tank and more.

Since its initial debut, SMOK has become the industry's most reputable manufacturer, providing a range of innovative products that have helped shape the market landscape. Continuously evolving, SMOK now produces a massive number of popular products that sit within its arsenal. It was products like the SMOK Novo and SMOK Nord that helped shape the market for pod systems, and products like the SMOK RPM Series that enhanced it that much further. It was sub-ohm tanks like the SMOK TFV4 that kicked off a series of performance-driven products and products like the SMOK TFV16 that enhanced the experience that much further.

SMOK has certainly been around for quite some time, continuously developing new products, and through its products continue to change, SMOK hasn't. It has always been that one brand you have come to know and enjoy, and that one brand you always can rely on to provide the best of the best in vaping.

With the SMOK brand, you can never go wrong. Their products are marvelous and were designed to deliver the best that vaping has to offer. Scroll throughout our SMOK collection page, choose from many authentic devices, tanks, and accessories that carry the infamous SMOK logo, and join the SMOK movement with us here at West Coast Vape Supply!

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