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7 Daze Clickmate Starter Kit

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7 Daze Clickmate Starter Kit

7 Daze Clickmate Starter Kit Review

With its innovative design, convenient form factor, and excellent flavor profiles, 7 Daze has once again proven why it's a step ahead of its competitors. The 7 Daze Clickmate Starter Kit is a new and innovative product that joins two worlds into one, giving you the convenience of a disposable vape and the performance and longevity of a vape pod.

The 7 Daze Starter Kit is an interesting device with an innovative design. It's a cross between a disposable vape and a vape pod system, giving you the comfort and convenience of a temporary device and the performance and longevity of a vape pod. The Clickmate vape is a compact vaping device with a detachable tip and is constructed of soft-touch sides and textured front and back panels.

The Clickmate vape features an integrated rechargeable battery, can be charged through its USB Type-C charging port, and has a battery indicator display screen on the front panel to continuously monitor the current battery level. For fine-tuning, the device also features an adjustable airflow control switch to help balance the flavor and vapor output to your preferences. What's most unique about the device are two "Mates" that are included. Each Mate has a 9mL capacity, allowing you to enjoy 15,000 puffs and experience 18mL of 50mg vape juice. The Mates are disposable and can be replaced with ease.

If you have been searching for a convenient device that performs great and provides extraordinary longevity, the 7 Daze Clickmate Starter Kit is just what you need. It comes with many great features and an innovative design that allows you to simply 'click' in a new flavor mate on the fly.

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7 Daze Clickmate Starter Kit Features and Specifications

  • Compact Design
  • Detachable Tip
  • Soft Touch Sides
  • Texture Front Panel
  • Disposable Mates/Pods
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Type-C Charging Port
  • 9ML Disposable Mates/Pods (18ML Total)
  • 50MG (5%) Nicotine
  • 15,000 Puffs
  • Delicious Flavor Variety
  • Adjustable Airflow Control

What's In The Box

  • 1x Clickmate Device
  • 2x Mates