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Vape Coils

We carry an extensive product line of vape coils and atomizer heads. Our collection covers all of the major brands and different resistances for sub-ohm coils and low voltage pod-based devices. The coils presented in this collection offer a wide selection, ranging from low resistance coils for sub-ohm vaping to high resistance coils for vape pod systems. If your device has suffered and your experience vaping hasn't quite lived up to the performance and flavor that it once offered, replacing the coil with a fresh one will definitely breathe life back into your device.

Sub-ohm vaping devices and low voltage pod-based systems use a wide range of different replacement coils. Coils are the connection between the battery and the atomizer that vaporizes the vape juice at the desired setting for you to vape. We offer several options for different resistance (ohms) amounts to give you exactly the results you prefer when vaping. West Coast Vape Supply offers vape coils for RDAs, RTAs, and RBAs. There are coils of all types, giving you a solid experience no matter what type of atomizer, tank, or pod you plan to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Vape Coils?

Vape coils are heating elements. They are one of the most important parts of the vaping experience since the coil is the very component that heats vape juice to turn it into vapor. The way this works is the vaping device is activated by a button or draw-activated firing mechanism. Once the device is activated, the battery supplies power to the coil, allowing it to heat up before the point of combustion. Once the coil heats up, it will immediately turn the vape juice into a vapor, allowing the user to take puffs consistently. This all happens in the blink of an eye, making everything effortless.

What Are The Different Types of Coils?

Several different types of coils are used for a wide range of atomizers, tanks, and pods. There are coils designed for sub-ohm vaping, coils designed for regular vaping, and coils designed for vape pods. We'll explain each type below.

  • High Resistance Coils: Coils with high resistance are often made specifically for pods or tanks with restricted airflow. It is common to pair high resistance coils with salt nicotine vape juice, as it provides a smooth, flavorsome vape that is more suitable for the restricted airflow of a high resistance coil.
  • Low Resistance Coils: Coils that have a lower resistance are great for those who prioritize flavor over vapor clouds. It is best for tanks and pods that have restricted airflow and higher wattages. Today, some devices use low resistance coils with pods and salt nicotine, giving you a reasonable balance between flavor and vapor.
  • Sub-Ohm Coils: Coils that venture to sub-ohm territory are specifically design for sub-ohm tanks, which offer a wide, adjustable airflow design. Coils that go below 1.0ohm are considered sub-ohm. With sub-ohm coils, you will experience more airflow, you can reach higher wattages, and you'll experience a much larger vapor production. Sub-ohm coils pair with high VG (vegetable glycerin) vape juice where there is more VG than PG (propylene glycol).

 How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

Vape coils are designed to be temporary. They can last anywhere from days to weeks. The coils will last as long as you allow them. No matter what you do, however, eventually, the cotton that surrounds the coil and the metal coil itself will begin to gunk up, which can lead to poor performance, restricted airflow, and even a bad taste. When this happens, you'll want to replace the coil because it isn't something that you'll want to inhale. As long as it is possible, the coil will last as long as you maintain the coil and use it properly. This can involve several things, like never letting your vape juice run too low, ensuring that the coil is wicking consistently, using thinner liquids, and using liquids with no sweeteners.

How To Clean Vape Coils?

Cleaning your vape coils is honestly a thing of the past. Years ago before vaping truly kicked off, users were cleaning their coils to help them save money. However, coils have become so cheap that buying a coil is only a couple of bucks, and if maintained and treated properly, could last you weeks. For those that don't want to take the easy route, you can soak your coils in warm water, clear alcohol (vodka), or soak them in ethanol. Soak them overnight to give it time to break up any gunk built onto the coil. Allow the coil to then dry out and reuse it. You can't always expect it to perform as a new coil replacement since over time the cotton gets burnt, breaks down, and the coils are too gunked up.

How To Make Vape Coils Last Longer?

You can make your vape coils last longer by cleaning them. If you're not up for the task, which doesn't always produce the best results, at least make sure to properly clean your tank so there isn't any debris that falls into the air inlet and make their way to the cotton wicking or coils themselves. Using thinner liquids will also allow the vape juice to pass through the cotton wicking easier and can be vaporized easier as well. Try to avoid vape juice that has a bunch of sweeteners in them, as this is a common way coils get gunked up. Another way to ensure that your coils last longer is to properly prime them before use, which means saturating the cotton with vape juice so that once it heats up for the first time, it won't burn the cotton. Take these steps into account and you can expect your coils to last much longer.

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