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Jam Monster Salt

Jam Monster Salt 30mL Pick 3 MEGA Bundle (90mL)

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Jam Monster Salt 30mL Pick 3 Mega Bundle (90mL)

Jam Monster Salt Vape Juice Mega Bundle Review

The Jam Monster Salt vape juice MEGA bundle is our way of cramming all of your favorite flavors from all of the collections under the Jam Monster umbrella. From Jam Monster to PB & Jam Monster to Fruit Monster to Ice Monster to Custard Monster, we've filled this bundle with everything this brand has to offer, ensuring you get exactly the taste you want at the best price possible. Within each collection is a fascinating offering of flavors we're sure your tastes will be thrilled with. This MEGA bundle gives you the opportunity to explore many of your favorite vape juice flavors or gives you the ability to be adventurous and try new ones. It's a monster collection of vapes and we just can't wait for you to try them all!

Choose three Jam Monster Salt vape juice flavors with your choice of salt nicotine strength. In this bundle, you can choose either the same flavors if you have a favorite or you can let the adventurous side come out and choose different flavors to discover a range of new tastes. Whether you're choosing a favorite you just can't get away from or you're trying to find a new all-day vape, we can't wait for you to try this tasty trio of flavors. Slather your airways in a total of 90mL with your most favored flavors, your desired nicotine strength, and at the lowest price available.

Jam Monster Salt will arrive at your destination packaged in three 30mL plastic bottles. During the ordering process, select your desired nicotine strength, which is available in 24mg and 48mg strengths.

Choose from:

Jam Monster

  • Jam Monster Strawberry - The Strawberry flavor by Jam Monster delivers an incredible taste, so much so that you won't want to ever put this bottle of vape juice down. It brings you an amazing buttered toast with a hefty spread of strawberry jam, leaving you with a flavorsome vape you'll call a favorite.
  • Jam Monster Blueberry - The Blueberry flavor by Jam Monster is an incredible addition to anyone's day. This spectacular vape juice flavor seems to hit all the right notes each time that you take a puff. With this tasty vape, you'll experience a buttered toast that has a layer of blueberry jam you'll fall in love with.
  • Jam Monster Blackberry - The Blackberry flavor by Jam Monster is all that you'll be thinking about after just the first puff. It presents a magical taste that is wholesome, super flavorsome, and offers the perfect taste. This special flavor consists of a buttered toast that features a blackberry jam spread.
  • Jam Monster Raspberry - The Raspberry flavor by Jam Monster presents quite the brilliant flavor. It is super delicious and filled with tons of raspberry flavor, quenching your tastes at every angle. From the first puff to the very last, you'll love this buttered toast and raspberry jam flavor that hits the right spot.
  • Jam Monster Banana - The Banana flavor by Jam Monster offers an amazingly delicious flavor concoction that many will call a new all-day vape. This spectacular vape juice blend will surely quench your tastes and become one of your favorites. It consists of buttered toast and a perfect layer of banana jam.
  • Jam Monster Apple - The Apple flavor by Jam Monster is one that we are extremely excited for you to try. It is a delicious vape juice blend that embodies the true taste of apple, yet it comes with a small twist. The vape provides an overwhelming flavor experience that combines buttered toast with apple jam.
  • Jam Monster Mixed Berry - The Mixed Berry flavor by Jam Monster delivers a puzzling taste that you will be thrilled to experience. If you're in the mood for a joyful flavor, this marvelous blend of vape juice provides a delicious mixture of buttery toast and a mixed berry jam with a lingering taste.
  • Jam Monster Lemon - The Lemon flavor by Jam Monster hits just the right spot every time you take a puff. This fascinating blend of flavors all comes together to create the most amazing vape experience. This tasty offering includes the flavor of buttered toast and a thick layer of lemon jam.
  • Jam Monster Peach - The Peach flavor by Jam Monster is just the flavor you'll be craving from here on out. This remarkable blend is so delicious that we're sure it will become one of your all-time favorites. It consists of a delicious buttered toast flavor, which combines with an even better peach jam.

Ice Monster

  • Ice Monster Mangerine Guava - Mangerine Guava provides a sensational flavor experience that you'll surely enjoy every time you take a puff. This delicious concoction of flavors comes together to create an amazing vape. It uses a mix of menthol, tangerines, and guava as one cool and delicious vape.
  • Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple - Strawmelon Apple delivers an incredible vape that you won't soon forget. This tasty treat in a vape juice form blends together several flavors to make sure you label it as a favorite. It brings together menthol, strawberries, watermelons, and apples.
  • Ice Monster Melon Colada - Melon Colada offers a fascinating experience that we just can't wait for you to try. This remarkable flavorsome vape is definitely one we think you'll enjoy. It is a harmony of flavors, which consists of melons, tropical fruits, and a hefty dose of menthol.

Fruit Monster

  • Fruit Monster Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate - Offering you a remarkably complex fruit-flavored vaping experience, there is nothing quite like this flavorsome vape on the market. This tasty vape juice brings together an amazing trio of strawberries, kiwis, and pomegranates into one.
  • Fruit Monster Blueberry Raspberry Lemon - Providing a luscious experience with berries and lemons, you won't find anything that can compare to this amazing vape juice blend. This magically delicious flavor combines the taste of blueberries, raspberries, and a zesty lemon flavor.
  • Fruit Monster Mango Peach Guava - Boasting a marvelous flavor experience from beginning to end, your tastes will be overwhelmed with this outstanding blend of vape juice. If you're looking for a delicious vape session, this tasty treat offers a blend of mangoes, peaches, and guava all-in-one.

Frozen Fruit Monster

  • Frozen Fruit Monster Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice - Presenting a magically delicious taste, this fascinating flavor of great complexity will surely brighten your day with every puff that you take. If you're looking for a tasty rendition of flavors, this vape offers flavors of blueberry, raspberry, lemon, and menthol.
  • Frozen Fruit Monster Mango Peach Guava Ice - Mustering up tons of flavor with every puff, this spectacular vape juice blend will surely fall in line with the rest of your favorite vape juice flavors. It offers an amazing blend of mangoes, peaches, guavas, and the most frigid menthol flavor.
  • Frozen Fruit Monster Banana Ice - Gearing you up for a remarkable duo of flavors, this one will be tough to beat. It delivers a delicious experience using flavors that you're probably familiar with. It combines a popsicle-style banana flavor with a dose of menthol to create the perfect treat.
  • Frozen Fruit Monster Mixed Berry Ice - Providing a splendid berry taste every session, there is nothing quite as fascinating as this incredible blend of flavors, which will easily become your all-day-vape. ready yourself for an ensemble of delicious mixed berries and an overwhelming addition of cool menthol.

PB & Jam Monster

  • PB & Jam Monster Strawberry PB and Jam - Get your taste buds ready for a splendid flavorsome experience that provides extraordinary complexity every single time you inhale. This flavor-filled vaping experience creates an incredible vape session by combining two layers of toast and a spread of peanut butter and strawberry jam in between.
  • PB & Jam Monster PB and Jam - Suit up for one of the best vapes you've ever encountered. This classic vape juice flavor has become an industry favorite, and it'll become your favorite too. It offers an amazingly delicious taste by bringing together two layers of buttered toast and a middle spread of peanut butter and jam.

Custard Monster

  • Custard Monster Butterscotch - Butterscotch will deliver an amazing taste no matter what device you pair it with. It offers a deliciously smooth and creamy vape that will have you falling in love with sweet dessert vapes all over again. This tasty treat offers a mix of custard and rich butterscotch.
  • Custard Monster Strawberry - Strawberry is a brilliant flavor concoction that seems to become everyone's go-to vape after the first time they try it. It is a flavor that consists of the tastiest custard flavor and a fascinating addition of luscious strawberries.
  • Custard Monster Vanilla - Vanilla is an amazing addition to anyone's collection of all-day vapes. This fascinating blend presents a marvelous taste that you'll surely not forget. From the first puff to the last, you'll experience an overwhelming flavor of vanilla custard.
  • Custard Monster Blueberry - Blueberry is the most amazing vape juice you'll ever find. This tasty blend is one that just simply hits the right spot, giving you that delicious berry taste you've been craving for. With this vape juice, you'll discover a brilliantly crafted blueberry custard that'll easily become a favorite.

Get yourself ready to explore some of the most remarkable flavors you've ever tried. This brilliantly complex offering of vape juice is all that you will need, as it presents a delicious range of tastes for you to enjoy. Get your Jam Monster Salt Pick 3 MEGA Bundle today!