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Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice

Juice Roll Upz

Establish in Los Angeles, California, Juice Roll Upz premium brand ejuice delivers a nostalgic vape juice collection that's a throwback to your childhood memories.

Juice Roll Upz Ejuice premium brand delivers mouth-watering innovative juicy fruit flavor blends and retro candied combinations. The classic gummy candy inspired collection layers unique flavors that are bursting with sugary magnificence. Juice Roll Upz delivers nostalgic authentic taste with every puff. 

Who can resist mouth-watering sweet, sour, tangy, and fruity flavors?

Juice Roll Upz Vape Juice Flavors


Juice Roll Upz Strawberry vape juice brings that classic strawberry gummy candy flavor. With each inhale, tangy strawberry candy flavor delivers satisfaction to the flavor palate while sending your sweet tooth into a sugar coma. The result is a sweet strawberry flavor extravaganza that you just can’t get enough of.

Watermelon Punch

Watermelon Punch is the sweet flavor blend of crisp watermelon and juicy punch that will rumble your taste buds and hug your sweet tooth.

With each puff the succulent Watermelon Punch Flavor delivers a quench thirsting refreshing watermelon flavor. While you exhale, the sugary flavor delivers that fruity invigorating sweet punch flavor that will smack your lips with good sweetness.

Blue Raspberry

Roll Upz Blue Raspberry vape juice delivers a sour and sweet flavor bonanza that will make your mouth-water on each puff. The boozy Blue Raspberry blend is smooth and refreshingly sweet.

On the inhale, deliciously sour blue raspberry flavor rolls across the tongue with sweet refreshing goodness. On the exhale, sugary raspberry candy flavor rocks the taste buds with a delightful sugary twist.

Juice Roll Upz Carnival Series

Have you tried Juice Roll Upz Carnival series? Treat yourself to Juice Roll Upz Carnival series vape juice, the amusement series of ejuice classics such as funnel cake ice cream, berry lemonade and cotton candy flavors.

Berry Lemonade

The refreshing Berry Lemonade vape juice will take you back to those hot summer days of relaxing with an glass of refreshing lemonade. On the inhale, Berry Lemonade fills your mouth with bursting tang of blueberries, tart raspberries, wild blackberries and sweet ripe strawberries. On the exhale, the refreshing flavor of freshly squeezed lemonade keeps your mouth humming.

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

Embrace your best childhood memories of visits to ball games and carnivals where cotton candy vendors constantly tempted you with that fluffy concoction with this sweet vaping elixir from Carnival Juice Roll Upz. On the inhale the sweet and mild flavor of cotton candy will make your taste buds tingle. On the exhale the flavor profile finishes off with juicy blueberries. Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy by Juice Roll Upz is ideal for those seeking an all-day mild candy vape juice.

Roll Whip

Roll Whip by Carnival Juice Roll Upz vape juice is precisely like a freshly made sweet and crispy sugar wafer cone filled with vanilla bean ice cream than layered with tropical pineapple and smoothie whip cream. On the inhale of Carnival Juice Roll Upz Roll Whip vape juice, the juicy pineapple with sweet buttery notes of the waffle cone satisfies the taste buds.. While you exhale, a dollop of fantastically smooth whipped cream vanilla bean ice cream brings goodness to your mouth. Carnival Juice Roll Upz Roll Whip authentic flavor profile is one that you've got to try.

Save on premium vape brand Juice Roll Upz and much more. With a wide selection of premium vape juice brands we know you will be satisfied with your order. Juice Roll Upz vape juice is Available in 60ml, 100ml and 120ml ejuice bottle.


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