WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dr Shugar Chitz

Dr Shugar Chitz has been rated in the Top 20 Most Visible Brands in North America by Ecig Intelligence! They are known for their fruity blends that are taking the current market by storm! We offer 3 of their savory flavors that are sure to please. Their vape juice line wont leave you flavor blind due to their use of high quality ingredients that will delight your taste buds from the first drop to the last!

Dr Shugar Chitz is packaged in a 60ml bottle and offers 3 variants of nicotine, which include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. They have a PG/VG base of 70/30, this ratio provides a intense flavor experience while still giving those cloud chasers a thick cloud of vapor. 

These blends range from fruity tangy candy to creamy based fruits. Anyone seeking an authentic fruit flavor at a rock bottom price is sure to fall in love with Dr Shugar Chiz! You won't regret indulging in these savory fusions, one will most likely end up becoming you new favorite vape juice!  

Dr Shugar Chiz E-juice Flavor Review

Honey Doo Doo

Honey Doo Doo by Dr Shugar Chiz is a creamy flavored blend with savory fruit. Creamy honeydew and melons are just the perfect combination for an all-day-vape flavor. This creamy base flavor provides a perfect wash down on the exhale to that intense melon flavor. On the inhale a rush of crisp and juicy honeydew will flood into your mouth, your taste buds will be delighted with this genuine taste. On the exhale that creamy base will wash down that intense flavor and provide a refreshing taste with each puff. 

The Brazz

Treat your sweet tooth all day long with The Brazz by Dr Shugar Chiz! This savory blend fused a tart blue raspberry flavor with a sweet intoxicating candy base. On the inhale your pallet will be smothered with an authentic blue raspberry flavor. The sour notes from this popular flavor will make your taste buds beg for more. This lip puckering blend is sure to please. On the exhale the flavor intensifies as it fuses with that candy base. Your sweet tooth wont be able to thank you enough for indulging in The Brazz!

The Razz

Your sweet tooth will become intoxicated with The Razz by Dr Shugar Chiz. This tangy raspberry flavor has been fused with a candy base that will kick your cravings from the first puff to the last! On the inhale your mouth will be smacked by this intensely tart raspberry vape flavor. You will be please with this authentic taste! Fusing to balance out this tangy taste is that candy base to sweeten your sweet tooth. Your cravings will be kick on the exhale as this candy base intensifies and delights your taste buds!

If you crave those genuine fruit flavors your taste buds will be pleased by Dr. Shugar Chiz! Ditch those other e-juices that don't give you that authentic taste you want for Dr Shugar Chiz today!