WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mi Salt

Mi Salt is the same brand that created the Mi Pod vape device. They have now come out with salt vape juices that can go with their Mi Pod, allowing their customers to have more selection when it comes to vape juice with their succulent nic salt juices that have flavors you can't find anywhere else. 

Mi Salt Salt Nicotine Juice Review


This nic salt vape juice is the tantalizing flavor of blackcurrant with just a hint of sweetness that will leave your sweet tooth cravings kicked the curb and your mouth watering in delight. As you inhale the bittersweet flavor of blackcurrant your lips will pucker. This flavor is like no other and once you try it, Currant will become your favorite in rotation. As you exhale, the sweetness soothes your taste buds leaving them watering for more. 


Melon advocates rejoice, because now there is a salt nic vape juice for you. Pomeo is the perfect fusion of honeydew, and melon that will leave your mouth watering with its authentic taste. As you inhale this succulent juice, the taste of honeydew sweeps over your taste buds calming them in the most soothing way, with how juicy this vape juice tastes, you won't be able to put it down. As you exhale, the sweet melon flavor rolls across your taste buds adding just a bit of zing and more flavor to drive you wild! Pomeo is a juice that will satisfy even the hardest to satisfy of the melon fanatics. 


This succulent grape salt nic vape juice is truly like no other. Grape will make you rethink any other vape juice you've tried because this vape juice is like absolutely no other vape juice out there. This vape juice will blow your mind, leaving your taste buds feeling satisfied to no end. As you inhale, the bitterness of grapes runs across your taste buds awakening them into a tingling frenzy. Grape by Mi Salt will take your taste buds on an adventure of flavor like no other. As you exhale, the sweetness of grapes combines with the bitterness to give you the tantalizing bittersweet flavor of grapes that you can't find anywhere else besides an actual grape. 

Mi Salt is a branch off of the Mi Pod, giving you a broader range of variety of salt nicotine vape juice to put into your pod system vape device. Mi-Pod is dedicated to their loyal customer base, and listened to their customers demands for more jaw dropping flavors within the salt nic branch of vape juice. Don't miss your chance and try Mi Salt today!