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Off The Record Ejuice

If some of these juices sound familiar to you don’t feel crazy, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Top selling albums made by legendary artists themselves and now bottled into an ejuice that’ll bring the music to your taste buds. Each juice with holds their own delicious quality that was mainly designed after the most popular flavors for you to enjoy in your tank.

Off The Record has the it factor that you’re looking for when searching for a company that has everything you could possibly want. Anywhere from sour candy to yogurt and even a scrumptious cheesecake. Any of these three flavors could be your number one, or maybe even all three. You’ll never know until you find out.

Off The Record Vape Juice Review


Although the name is a little inappropriate to spell out and repeat, B.S.S.M contains the double trouble duo strawberry and watermelon with a nice sour surprise to spice things up. On the inhale it’s the sweet juicy fusion of watermelon and strawberry showering amongst your taste buds sugaring them down in lush harmony. As you exhale subtle sour tones will steal the show as it slowly wears off with more of the strawberry and watermelon toning it down.

Liquid Sword

Strawberry, blueberry, and banana yogurt is truly a healthy snack but sometimes we just don’t have the time in the mornings to even enjoy such a snack. So now you have it as a vape juice with a touch of stress relief to save the day. On the inhale you get a silky feel from the yogurt as it carries luxurious notes of sweet strawberry, tart blueberry, and creamy banana. As you exhale the flavors get a tad bit stronger making sure it leaves the aftertaste you desire after every hit.


Staying away from desserts is one of the hardest things to teach yourself so why not just vape it? Strawberry cheesecake with a press of a button sounds like a perfect substitute that way you can get the flavor and not so much the calories. L.A.M.F can be your golden ticket to having a quick and easy cheat sheet. On the inhale its a sudden rush of succulent strawberry and milky vanilla flavored cream cheese flowing along your tongue. As you exhale the excess remains of graham cracker stands out just enough to top off the cheesecake feel.

Off The Record knew exactly what they were doing when making all three of these incredible juices. They made sure they had something for everybody and lived up to the albums that their juices were named after.

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