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Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced by 7 Daze Fusion Salt 30ml

Product Description

Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced by 7 Daze Fusion Salt 30ml

7 Daze Fusion Salt Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced Review

Ensuring your tastes are satisfied to the fullest, Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced by 7 Daze Fusion Salt is one of the best flavor experiences you'll ever receive. This brilliantly crafted mix of flavors works perfectly together to deliver mouthwatering tastes and a quality experience that you simply cannot refuse.

What is Fusion Salt Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced vape juice? Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced by 7 Daze Fusion Salt is another extraordinary flavor created by 7 Daze, and it comes with the same quality that you've come to expect from them. This awesome blend uses a combination of raspberries, green apples, watermelons, and a cool rush of menthol to keep the whole experience as exciting and refreshing as possible. Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced vape juice is available in 30mg and 50mg using tobacco-free salt nicotine and comes in a 30mL bottle.

7 Daze MFG is one of the largest, most recognized, and most loved vape juice brands on the market. It has created a wonderful collection of premium vape juice using the most brilliant concoction of flavors. 7 Daze is based in Los Angeles, California, and has been creating vape juice with its expert mixologists since 2014. Today, it is one of the most popular vape juice brands in the industry. While it received a lot of popularity from its Reds Apple collection, its Fusion collection is definitely gained attention for its complex tastes, which uses a variety of fruit flavors to create even more satisfying all-day vapes.

If you are looking to take your tastes to an all-new level, Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced by 7 Daze Fusion Salt is just what you need. It provides a smooth, satisfying taste that will make your mouth water with excitement. We urge you to try this delicious flavor, as it has become of our favorites!

Flavor Profile: Raspberry, Green Apple, Watermelon, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

100% Made in The USA