Yogi Eliquid 60ml Pick 3 Bundle Pack

Yogi Eliquid

Yogi Vape Juice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle (180ml)

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Yogi Vape Juice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle

Establishing itself in the vaping boom of 2016, Axiocore Corporation, the manufacturing company behind the Yogi Eliquid brand, has dominated the market with an array of fascinating, premium-grade vape juice flavors. Axiocore has received incredible attention throughout the years of developing and manufacturing top vape juice brands, such as Confection Vape Juice, Beetle Juice Vapors, and our favorite, Yogi Eliquid. It and Yogi Vape Juice is considered as an industry leader in today's market.

Setting its footprint in Santa Fe Springs, California, Yogi Vape Juice has been a go-to brand when you are looking for premium vape juice. It is a vape juice brand that is crafted, designed, formulated, and manufactured in an IOS7-certified laboratory that uses strict guidelines and industry standards to develop some of the best vape juice on the market. USA-made from start to finish, each bottle runs through a stringent process to ensure every bottle of Yogi Vape Juice adheres to a high level of consistency. In an effort to produce the best vaping product on the market, Yogi Vape Juice is made with Heartland 100% VG USP Kosher Nicotine, which is considered throughout the industry as the highest-grade nicotine available.

With the Yogi Vape Juice, you will notice that it is a bit unique, and that uniqueness is what has delivered the brand the success it has generated thus far. Experiencing each flavor is highly recommended, as each flavor has been created to perfection by flavor masters and design craftsmen who avoided taking shortcuts when developing the complex flavors. These vape juice artisans are creating must-have flavors, and we’re packing them into this Yogi Vape Juice Bundle so that you can experience some of the industry’s finest vape juice flavors.

The Yogi Vape Juice Bundle has been created by our team to allow you to try multiple artisan flavors, which all offer that unique granola taste, along with experiencing flavors you are most interested in at a more affordable cost.

Yogi Vape Juice Bundle Pack Review

If you are a fan of Yogi you are familiar with how many unique granola flavors are available from there vape juice collection. With our variety pack, you can now choose three Yogi flavors from their entire juice line! With this Yogi 60ml Pick 3 Bundle you can either choose three different Yogi flavors or if you are a huge fan of a particular vape flavor you can have all three selections be of that juice! Yogi comes packaged in a 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottle and available in the nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Choose from:

  • Granola Bar - Building a foundation for other flavors to stand behind, the original Granola Bar is an industry favorite. It is your original granola bar that has been blended with a perfect combination of both sweet honey and savory oats. The two pairs perfectly with one another, creating a unique vape that you have to experience.
  • Peanut Butter Granola Bar - With this delicious Peanut Butter Granola Bar, you will find yourself in a shock and awe as you take your first puff. It combines peanut butter with the taste of a granola bar, then perfectly dipped, leaving it with a coat of honey. The taste is superb in every draw.
  • Blueberry Granola - Fans all over have spoken about this complex creation that combines the taste of both blueberries and granola bars. You truly experience all possibilities of vape juice flavors when you taste this blueberry granola bar dunked in honey. This is one flavor creation that will be sure to make your mouth water.
  • Strawberry Granola Bar - While blueberries are certainly delicious, it is often strawberries that are the most favored. The Strawberry Granola Bar is one of the people's favorites, and we've tasted why. It offers a delicious blend of granola, ripe strawberries, and mouthwatering honey. It is the perfect trio of flavors that come together to create a vape you wouldn't want to be without.
  • Peanut Butter Banana Granola - From inhale to exhale, this deliciously crafted vape juice flavor overwhelms the taste buds with loads of tasty Peanut Butter Banana Granola flavor. It first enters the mouth delivering an overwhelming concoction that consists of peanut butter and sliced bananas. Blending well with one another, granola is soon to follow. The exhale is all about granola and subtle notes of banana, turning this into your favorite PB granola bar.

  • Java Granola Bar - Java fans and Yogi’s granola fans can finally unite as one with the incredible flavor that this Java Granola Bar offers. When you inhale this delicious vape, you immediately taste an accurate representation of sweet notes of java flavor. The exhale is just as exciting, boasting the granola bar base flavor that you’ve been yearning for. Both flavors collide and leave a lingering taste that is just another way to pull you back for more.

  • Lemon Granola Bar - Not all flavors are created equal, and the Lemon Granola Bar by Yogi E-Liquid is no exception. It provides a taste of lemon swirls that zap your tastes with tartness and leave you wanting more. From inhale to exhale you taste a perfect fusion of the two flavors, tart lemon, and delicious granola bar. The exhale proves this very well by creating a lemony granola blend that continues to soak onto the tongue ever after you’re done. The aftertaste is phenomenal and will easily become one of your granola favorites.

  • Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar - Blistering with a delicious flavor that seems to stretch in its consistency from beginning to end, this is one that we consider a must-try for any granola fan. Before even taking your first puff, you immediately smell the apple cinnamon aroma floating in the air. The smell lures you into what would become your all-day-vape flavor. On the inhale, you taste freshly baked apples with a layer of cinnamon. The exhale is when the granola bar flavor comes through, combining subtle notes of the apple cinnamon to create that fresh grandma’s kitchen taste.

  • Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar - Those who enjoy tobacco flavors have a new way to experience that same great taste yet with an added twist of vanilla and granola bar. It offers a sweet and rich flavor that you’re sure to fall in love with. Once you inhale, you’ll notice the vanilla flavors add just the right amount of sweetness to classic tobacco, which offers a richer taste. The exhale is where the granola bar flavor infuses with the mix, creating a perfect Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar vape.

If you're searching for the market's most unique flavors that are capable of turning into your next all-day-vape, Yogi E-Liquids and its Granola Bars is definitely a good start. Start enjoying Yogi vape juice at an even lower price today.