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Disposable Vape (E-Cigs)

Disposable E-Cigs bring you something that is easy to use, along with squashing the worries of forgetting your vape juice or not charging your batteries. With every disposable vape pod, you can get anywhere from 250 puffs to 5000 puffs, or until it dies. These devices filled with e liquids will provide you with enough puffs to get you through every day. These draw activated disposable vapes come pre-filled with salt nicotine either at 2% or 5% that will give you your nicotine fix while also providing you with flavors that are out of this world.

With each draw activated disposable vape pen we carry, it will be able to fit in your hand comfortably along with easily sliding in and out of your pocket. Most of the Disposable Vape bars we carry do you a feature called auto-fire so all you have to do is bring the device to your mouth and inhale; this feature provides you with the ability to vape hands-free and enjoy a large variety of e liquids!

Disposable Vape Review

Juice Head Cali Bars

Juice Head Cali Bars is an outstanding collaboration between two of the industry's most recognized brands. Juice Head is known for delivering exceptional ejuice, while Cali Bars continue to provide consumers with the most comfortable and reliable disposable vapes. This collab means you can finally get the delicious tastes from Juice Head in those portable, beginner-friendly, toss-it-when-you're-done vapes that you've become familiar with through the years.

NKD 100 Disposable E-Cig

The NKD 100 Disposable E-Cig is the next step for the very popular Naked 100 brand. It is a disposable device that provides incredible comfort and convenience, while also providing great performance and flavors, even suitable for beginners. It is a great representation of all the hard work this brand has completed to make it a top industry brand, and the flavors you are likely familiar with are packed into each, easy-to-use device.

Ignite V15 Disposable

The Ignite V15 Disposable is an incredible disposable vaping device, which not only comes with a pleasing appearance but provides extraordinary performance and some of the best flavors. The device is incredibly convenient, amazingly easy to use, and offers a large vape juice and battery capacity to ensure you receive days and days of vaping. Integrated within the device are an 850mAh battery and a 5.1mL capacity, which is filled with synthetic salt nic and a variety of flavor options. Enjoy as many as 1500 puffs per device.

Hitt XL Disposable

The Hitt XL Disposable is a brilliantly designed disposable vape that is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite. It delivers sleek appeal, tons of performance, and a huge capacity, all while being extraordinarily portable and convenient to use. The device is also blazing with tons of flavor options, giving you a delicious and tasty experience that will keep you coming back for more. The device comes equipped with a 1250mAh rechargeable battery. It features an integrated micro-USB port, allowing you to recharge the device if need be. Along with a hefty battery capacity and the ability to recharge the device, the Hitt XL comes with a large 10mL capacity, which means you’ll be able to enjoy as many as 3000 puffs per device.

Hitt Maxx V2 Disposable

The Hitt Maxx V2 Disposable is a remarkable device that has a smaller profile than the Hitt XL Disposable. It still offers great looks and awesome performance, yet its capacity is reduced to allow for a smaller, more convenient, and portable design. The flavor options are out of this world with this one as well, giving you a large range of tastes to explore. The device comes with a large 1000mAh integrated battery, and a rather large juice capacity as well, which will allow you to enjoy up to 1800 puffs per device. While it isn’t a match to the Hitt XL, the smaller size and greater portability definitely make up for its shortcomings in other areas.

Pod Twist Disposable

The Pod Twist Disposable is one of the newest disposable devices on the market and everyone’s loving it. Different in appearance from many other disposable vapes, this one looks super clean and offers tons of appeal. Though it performs extraordinarily well, the best part about this device is the fascinating flavors it offers, which can range from Cola Ice to Cotton Clouds. There are plenty of flavors to choose from to keep your taste buds excited. Built into the device are a large battery and a 6.5mL capacity with 55mg salt nic, giving you as many as 2500 puffs of nothing but satisfying flavorful goodness.

Mr Fog Max Disposable

The Mr Fog Max Disposable is yet another outstanding disposable that has been introduced to the market, and this time it’s by Mr Fog, a brand that has a ton of experience. It was founded in 2015 and continuously created some of the best vaping products, such as this disposable vape. It has a nice design and comes packed with a 650mAh battery. It also features a nice 3.5mL capacity using 50mg of Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN). On top of its great performance and slim profile, this disposable vape is super portable and easy on the eyes. The best part about this device, however, is the amazing flavors you get to explore, which consist of flavors like Banana Ice Cream and Rainbow Ice.

Steam Engine Big Disposable TFN

The Steam Engine Big Disposable is a solid disposable vaping device that definitely has the look. It’s small, its footprint is minimal, and it’s super portable. There is tons of performance built into this device, and it all comes from the integrated 550mAh battery. Each device also boasts a 3.2mL capacity using 40mg of Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN). What you will enjoy most about the Steam Engine Big Disposable are the flavor options that are available, which include flavors like Strawberry Banana, Tobacco, and Frozen Guava, just to name a few.

VaporLax Disposable

The VaporLax Disposable is an awesome addition to the market, as it offers a portable design and is incredibly convenient to use. It’s also a performance-driven disposable device that many find super pleasing. The device features a 1000mAh integrated battery and has a large 6.5mL capacity, which uses 50mg nic salt. It results in as many as 1500 puffs per device, and a huge variety of flavors that you’ll enjoy trying. Experience everything from a Strawberry Cream, which is amazingly delicious, to a Rainbow Mix. There is nothing quite as satisfying.

Huge Disposable Vape

The Huge Disposable Vape is a remarkable vaping device that has recently hit the market, and people are eating it up! This extraordinary creation allows you to explore up to 9 different flavors and enjoy up to 3000 puffs. The device features an integrated 1000mAh battery and has an 8mL capacity using 5% (50mg) nicotine salt, providing smooth and delicious vapes every time you take a puff.

Flum Float Disposable Vape

The Flum Float Disposable Vape is blistered with tons of tasty flavors for you to choose from, giving you a hefty selection to ensure you are totally satisfied. The device is sleek, slim, very compact, and looks remarkably appealing. Expect a large battery capacity and an 8mL capacity using 5% (50mg) salt nicotine, sharing smooth and luscious vapes that you can enjoy anytime. This tasty vape blend will surely become one of your all-time favorites due to its large capacity and a great assortment of flavors.

Lush Disposable Vape

The Lush Disposable Vape comes in two different options. Choose between the Lush Dual or the Lush Flow. These devices have been perfected in every way and deliver a number of mouthwatering flavors for you to enjoy anytime you want. The Lush Dual Disposable Vape pens come with an integrated 1200mAh battery and an 8mL capacity, which comes to 2500 puffs per device. It offers two flavors you can switch between, giving you a whole new world of tastes where your taste buds will never get bored. The Lush Flow Disposable Vape features a 900mAh battery and a 6mL capacity, allowing up to 1500 puffs, along with 13 extraordinary flavors to choose from.

SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

The SWFT 3K Disposable Vape is yet another fascinating device that has been added to the vape market, and this time it's packed with a convenient, easy-to-use device, a compact design, and a large puff count for you to enjoy throughout the day. This awesome disposable vaping device boasts a built-in 1200mAh battery and shares a large 7.5mL capacity, earning you upwards of 3000 puffs per device. You'll get to entangle your tastes with a vast selection of flavors that range anywhere from banana ice to a dazzling strawberry wafer.

Hyppe Disposable Vape

The Hyppe Disposable Vape is available in two versions, the Hyppe Max Flow Tank Disposable Vape (3000 Puffs), and the Hyppe Duo Disposable Vape (2500 Puffs). This device was made to be convenient, portable, yet satisfy your tastes and your cravings. The Hyppe Max Flow Tank Disposable Vape offers a 1000mAh battery, an 8mL capacity, adjustable airflow, and allows up to 3000 puffs. The Hyppe Max Flow Duo Disposable Vape comes with a 1000mAh battery, a 6mL capacity, and grants 2500 puffs per device. You can also switch between two flavors to ensure you never receive a dull moment.

Phyre Disposable Vape

The Phyre Disposable Vape takes on a new design that makes vaping more comfortable, more convenient, and more portable. It has the looks, and it also comes backed by an incredible selection of fascinating flavors to choose from. While the 12 delicious flavors are intriguing, the large integrated battery and 8mL capacity make this device what it is, as you receive as many as 3000 puffs per device.

TOBO Disposable Vape

The TOBO Disposable Vape will surely become one of your favorites. It is a perfectly built disposable vaping device that has a unique design, stellar looks, a comfortable mouthpiece, and it's incredibly compact, allowing you to stow it away easily when not in use. The device comes with a hefty 1250mAh battery, an LED indicator, and a 6.5mL capacity, making it capable of delivering 2500 puffs per unit.

Esco Bars Mesh Disposable Vape

The Esco Bars Mesh Disposable Vape is one of the latest and greatest disposable vaping devices that have hit the market, and it's gaining success quickly. This convenient little vape may definitely become your next all-day-vape with its incredible selection of tasty vape flavors. It sports a 1100mAh integrated battery that provides great performance, and features a 6mL capacity, allowing you to receive up to 2500 puffs per device.

Elf Bar Crystal Disposable Vape

The Elf Bar Crystal Disposable Vape provides an amazing appearance that will surely catch anyone's attention. The device may look great but also vapes incredibly well too. The most spectacular part about this device is the built-in 1000mAh battery and the 5.5mL capacity, which will gift you with as many as 2500 puffs per device. Add in the fact that this device boasts a range of the most delicious tastes (12 to be exact), and you've got yourself yet another all-day vape to add to your collection.

Pachamama Disposable Vape

The Pachamama Disposable Vape is glistening with convenience, and good looks too. But, that isn't all that you can expect from this small, compact device. The Pachamama Disposable Vape comes with an integrated 700mAh battery that takes performance to a whole new level while being backed by a 4mL capacity that uses 50mg of pure synthetic salt nicotine. You can expect upwards of 1200 puffs per device, and a whole range of flavors to choose from that spans from Lychee Ice to a soothing Pink Lemonade.

Suorin Air Bar Disposable Vape

The Suorin Air Bar is available to you in two different versions, the Air Bar Max and the Air Bar Lux. These disposable vaping devices provide an awesome vaping experience, and it's definitely one you won't want to miss out on. The Air Bar Max features a built-in 1250mAh battery and has a 6.5mL capacity, delivering as many as 2000 puffs. The Suorin Air Bar Lux Light Edition has a built-in 500mAh battery and sports a 2.7mL capacity, offering you as many as 1000 puffs per device. Both devices give you a large selection of flavors to choose from, ensuring you're satisfied at every angle.

Big Bar Disposable Vape

The Big Bar Disposable Vape comes in two available options that you can choose from. You can enjoy the Big Bar Cube Disposable Vape that offers 3000 puffs or the Big Bar Max Flow Duo Disposable Vape that offers a whopping 4000 puffs. The Cube comes with a 1100mAh battery and a massive 8mL capacity, resulting in 3000 puffs per device. The Max Flow Duo, on the other hand, comes with quite a large battery as well, and a huge capacity, and offers as many as 4000 puffs. There are two flavors inside of the device that you can switch between, allowing you 2000 puffs per flavor. You can fine-tune the experience with adjustable airflow control as well. Both devices offer a delicious selection of flavors that will never share a dull moment.

Beard Disposable Vape

The Beard Disposable is quickly gaining in popularity due to the combined performance and flavor that it offers. It is one of the most convenient devices on the market, and it's incredibly compact, making it very portable. The device comes with a built-in 550mAh battery that is pre-charged, and the device comes pre-filled with salt nicotine that offers a 1.3mL capacity. The Beard Disposable Vape pens use the RYSE Disposable device and pair it with Beard Vape's famed vape juice. With everything combined, you can expect up to 1000 puffs per device and many delicious flavor options to explore.

Airis Chief Disposable

The Airis Chief Disposable is one that you're going to call a favorite from just the first puff that you take. It looks sharp, it has been designed perfectly, it's lightweight and portable, and it's one of the most convenient devices you'll own. It features an integrated 1200mAh battery and offers a large 7mL capacity, giving you a whopping 2600 puffs per device. Add in the fact that this device is available in a wide variety of flavor options that stretch from a pineapple slushy to a cool mint, and you've got yourself a new all-day vape.

Targa T1 Disposable

The Targa T1 Disposable is one of the latest to hit the market, boasting a sleek design that will surely grab your attention. It offers a large 1000mAh integrated battery that is rechargeable, and sports a built-in pod that has a massive 10mL capacity. This means you can expect as many as 4000 puffs per device, giving you longer vape sessions with a convenient and easy-to-use vape. Along with a high puff count, you will enjoy a range of flavors that range from Ice Cola to a complex Apple Peach Pear flavor.

Glossy Flavors Disposable Vape

The Glossy Flavors Disposable is one that we're extremely excited to offer, as there is so much going on with this device, including both the looks and its design. It sports a large 1000mAh battery and comes with a 7mL capacity, giving you as many as 2200 puffs per device. What's great about this disposable is that it gives you a clear sight of how much vape juice is available so that you never run out without another to replace it. Additionally, you get a chance to partake in the Glossy Flavors experience, which consists of flavors like Peach Mango Watermelon and Blueberry Razz Ice.

Hyde Recharge Disposable Vape

The Hyde Recharge Disposable Vape is certainly one that you should give a shot. It is an amazing set of devices that are available in two different options to choose from. The Hyde Rebel Recharge Disposable Vape will offer 4500 puffs per device, while the Hyde Icon Recharge Disposable Vape will offer 3300 puffs. With the Rebel, you have a large battery capacity and a built-in micro-USB port to recharge the device. It shares as many as 4500 puffs per device and is available in 16 amazing flavors to choose from. The Icon is just as satisfying, offers an integrated 600mAh rechargeable battery and a 10mL capacity, resulting in 3300 puffs. There are 12 flavors available in the Icon Disposable.

Air Factory Air Stix Disposable Vape

The Air Factory Air Stix Disposable is one of the latest to hit the market, and man is it a breathtaking device. This compact vape offers convenience, performance, and delivers a great puff count as well. It features a 400mAh built-in battery and has a large 7mL capacity using 50mg synthetic salt nicotine. This allows you as many as 2500 puffs per device and opens you up to a whole world of deliciously crafted premium flavors. Enjoy something like Blue Razz or Aloha Strawberry, never give you a single dull moment.

Disposable E-Cigs is a one-of-a-kind device that you will be completely mind blown by, from the numerous brands out there to the flavor and ease it provides you. These devices are perfect for anyone whether you are an on-the-go type person or a lounge about person everyone will be sure to love these devices. Disposable Vape bars will have you switching over from your big mods to these handy devices, you can never go wrong with a disposable device.


What Is A Disposable Vape?

  • A disposable vape is a vaping device that has been designed for temporary use. It features an integrated battery that is or is not rechargeable. Commonly, most disposable vapes are not rechargeable. The device can be used just like any traditional vaping device, except that once the battery or juice runs out, that is an indication that the device should be disposed of. Since the device cannot be refilled with vape juice, once the juice runs out, the device becomes essentially useless and can be tossed in the trash.

How To Use A Disposable Vape Pen?

  • Using a disposable is incredibly easy. These devices are made for people that are on the go or do not want to deal with a complicated device that requires a learning process. Instead, the devices are pre-filled with vape juice, they're pre-charged, and they come with a draw-activated firing mechanism. This means you won't have to worry about charging or dealing with any cables, you won't have to worry about filling the device or dealing with the mess of vape juice, and you won't even have to press a button to activate or use the device. Disposable vapes are designed around the idea of convenience, and that is exactly what you get.

How To Recharge A Disposable Vape?

  • While it is a common question, most disposable vapes are not rechargeable. It is one of the key features that make disposable vapes temporary or 'disposable'. The devices aren't made to last forever, and the battery only needs to maintain a charge for as long as the vape juice lasts. Once the vape juice runs out (since disposable vapes aren't refillable), the device essentially becomes useless, therefore you will not need to recharge it. However, as the market shifts, new rechargeable disposable vapes are being released, ensuring that you will get to vape all of the vape juice in the device. Sometimes these devices have a smaller battery capacity, so they've made them rechargeable to compensate. To recharge a rechargeable disposable vape, simply plug a micro-USB into the charging port that comes equipped on the device and the other USB end into a USB outlet.

What Disposable Vape Has The Most Hits?

How Long Does A Disposable Vape Pen Last?

  • A disposable vape pen will last as long as the battery remains charged and the cartridge or pod portion of the device has vape juice. How long your device lasts truly depends on both the size of the battery and how many milliliters of vape juice it has. So that you don't have to do any guesswork, more often than not, the brand or distributor of the product will share how many puffs on average that you can expect the device to provide. Of course, it is merely a rough estimate because the number of puffs you receive can change greatly depending on how long of a puff that you take.