Berry by NKD100 Salt 30ml

NKD 100

Berry (Very Cool) by NKD 100 Salt 30ml

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Berry by NKD 100 Salt 30ml

NKD 100 Berry Salt Nicotine Juice Review

You may think you're very cool, but you aren't until you have indulged in Berry by NKD 100 30ml. I'm just kidding, we are sure you are cool, but you will definitely be cooler with this fruity menthol blend from NKD 100.

Naked 100 Salt has released its salt nicotine vape juice and ever since it has set off a storm! These 9 intoxicating flavors are nothing but delightful. Berry is already known for its mouth-watering flavor experience, but now consumers with pod systems can try it as well! This tangy fusion of tart berries is sure to please you from the first drop to the last. 

NKD 100 is packaged in a 30ml bottle with available nicotine levels of 35mg or 50mg. These high levels of nicotine allow vape consumers to kick those cravings without having to puff as many times during the day. Due to these higher concentrations, salt nicotine e-juices are not to be used on Sub-Ohm devices, though they are made especially for vape pod systems. 

On the inhale of NKD 100 Berry Salt vape juice, a rush of that ripe blackberry e-juice flavor is sure to please. Your taste buds will be intoxicated by this authentic taste. Dancing across is that blueberry vape juice flavor. This savory fusion gets even better! On the exhale an icy rush of that menthol vape juice flavor has been combined with those tart raspberries to provide a refreshing ending.

Berry by NKD 100 is a true fan favorite and will have you begging for more after that first drop! Indulge in Berry by NKD 100 Today!

Flavor Profile: Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ml

Made in the USA by Naked 100

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)