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Nestled under the umbrella of SaltNic Inc., STIG Vape has become one of the industry’s most recognized brands. STIG portable vaping devices are manufactured in California and contain premium SaltNic Labs E-Liquid, the same name behind the popular VGOD brand. Due to the incredible convenience, extraordinary portability, its solid performance, outstanding flavor creations, and disposable design, STIG devices are leading the market and catching everyone's attention in the process.

The STIG Vape features a portable, all-in-one design that is portable, allowing you to toss it in the trash when you’re finishing using it. It requires no instructions, no filling, and no charging whatsoever. It boasts a small pod with 1.2 milliliters of salt nicotine vape juice blended to perfection by SaltNic Inc. Available in several flavor options, including Lush Ice, Mango Bomb Iced, Mighty Mint, Tropical Mango, Cubano, and Apple, each STIG Vape is fully charged out of the box and offers 60mg of nicotine by volume, which is equivalent to approximately 20 cigarettes.

If you are searching for a portable vaping device that is disposable, delivers a whole assortment of deliciously crafted flavors, and performs extremely well, we urge you to explore the fascinating experience that only the STIG Vape has to offer.

STIG Pods Vape Flavor Review

STIG Lush Ice

Lush Ice by STIG Vape is a perfectly crafted blend of sweet and menthol to ensure your tastes are satisfied throughout your entire experience using the STIG device. From the very moment you take your first puff, you immediately taste delicious notes of juicy watermelon, followed by a blast of menthol on the exhale. It’s a perfect balance of two flavors that come together to create an all-day-vape.

STIG Mango Bomb Iced

Mango Bomb by STIG Vape is a remarkable flavor creation that you truly have to taste to believe. It offers an extraordinary taste of mangoes on the inhale, and a wisp of bone-chilling menthol on the exhale. These two flavors complement one another incredibly well, so much so that you are ready and eager to revisit the experience all over again.

STIG Cubano

Cubano by STIG Vape is a very unique vape flavor that is perfect for those who enjoy the classic taste of tobacco. While it does offer that classic tobacco blend, it comes with the complimentary tastes of a creamy vanilla custard drizzle to awaken the taste buds to new and thrilling experiences. If you are a tobacco connoisseur, your mouth will be watering for more Cubano.

STIG Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango by STIG provides the extraordinary taste of an authentic tropical mango flavor, boasting loads of mango flavor that is sure to please the taste buds. From beginning to end, every puff is full of dense mango flavor and even continues to linger after every puff. Ready yourself for the tongue-soaking mango flavor that will easily become your favorite vape.

STIG Mighty Mint

Mighty Mint by STIG Vape is a cool blend of flavor that was made to awaken the taste buds with fun and exciting flavor. You will experience as many as 270 puffs of icy mint flavor, from beginning to end. Every puff delivers a bone-chilling taste of minty menthol, which is sure to leave your mouth cool, refreshed, and ready for more mint flavor.

STIG Crisp Apple

Crisp Apple by STIG Vape delivers a brilliant flavor profile that is spot on in every puff. It offers the delicious taste of a lip-puckering crisp green apple flavor. Crisp Apple is nothing more than tasty apple flavor in the vapor form, giving notes of tarty green apples in every puff. The amazing taste continues to linger in your mouth, leaving you ready for another round.

STIG Vape is the perfect portable vaping device for those who prefer better convenience, greater portability, top-of-the-line flavors, and a performance like no other. It delivers a satisfying dose of salt nicotine, a selection of flavors to enjoy, and an experience that you’ll want to continue visiting. If you’re ready for your next all-day disposable vape, look no further than STIG Vape!

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