WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Cloud NURDZ vape brand is dedicated to making the best candy flavored vape juice. Each juice just as unique as the other in their new collection, precious fruit that’s been sugared or soured down to perfection while others have an icy touch. These juices are made for those who are die-hard fans of candied vape juice and need something that’ll get their taste buds a jolt of excitement. Some give you that banging intensity of bittersweet delight along with a soothing addition from all time favorite fruits.

Cloud NURDZ Vape Juice Flavor Profile Review

Grape Apple

You’ve never had a flavor like this, sour apple with the lush taste of concord grape. The stinging sensation of bitter green apple candy will have your taste receptors standing up and wide awake on the inhale. Sweet tones of delicious candied grape on the exhale will blast through each taste bud easing each and everyone with its earthy powers.

Peach Blue Razz

This flavor is tip top and one of a kind if you ask me. Thick nectarous notes zipping through every nook and cranny it can let you get the feeling of biting into a soft juicy peach on the inhale, while the tart touch of blue raspberry candy mixed itself into the cloud of peach creating one irresistible flavor that’ll drive you absolutely crazy.

Strawberry Grape

Cloud NURDS took their time on this berry bonanza combining the two most popular flavors that almost everyone loves. Succulent strawberries and sweet-savory grape with an everlasting candy tone that just makes it more flavor-boggling with every hit. A gush of strawberry candy will flood into your mouth on the inhale, as you exhale the taste of grape mixes with the strawberry giving you double trouble as the candied vapor escapes from your mouth.

Strawberry Lemon

Strawberry Lemon by Cloud NURDZ is a rock candy theme that represents the true flavor of strawberry and lemon blend. Bitter effects of lip-puckering lemon will expand throughout your mouth on the inhale. While on the exhale the sweetened tones of strawberry will soothe the lemon aftertaste leaving a lingering combination that nobody will be able to resist.

Watermelon Apple

Watermelon candy mixed with crisp red apple candy with just a press of a button. Intensify those taste buds with the rush of good ole watermelon on the inhale and the burst of red apple on the exhale sugar coating your taste buds. With the combination of this double duo, it’ll enlighten your mood with the help of taming that sweet tooth of yours.

Grape Apple Iced

Imagine the eye-rolling taste of sour green apple candy on the inhale as it leaves your tongue tingling in sour delight with the lush tones of sweetened grape candy infused right into the thick cloud of vapor. As you exhale you’ll notice a slight minted mentholated feel that’ll have those taste buds popping out like goosebumps.

Peach Blue Razz Iced

Peach blue raspberry candy with a minty addition to spice things up for those who are getting bored of the same old mixtures of flavors. Nectarous soft peach on the inhale as its luxurious flavor spreads throughout your mouth with the blend of tart blue raspberry candy making a unique merge that’ll dazzle your taste buds. On the exhale the ice cool breeze of menthol complimenting the fruity fusion.

Strawberry Grape Iced

A flavor like you’ve never seen before with the gush of strawberry candy on the inhale smothering and hugging onto your tongue, as you exhale the blast of grape will fuse itself together with the lingering remains of strawberry vapor. The frosted tones of menthol will only make this collaboration a lot more irresistible.

Strawberry Lemon Iced

The closest thing you’ll find to having a strawberry lemonade hard candy, bittersweet flavor at its finest. Succulent strawberries with the concoction of bitter lemonade on the inhale creating a confusing swirl that is hard not to love. On the exhale the cooling sensation of menthol will come rushing out sending bone chilling signals throughout your body.

Watermelon Apple Iced

If you love the moment of biting into chilled fruits then this vape juice is perfect for your taste. Fresh notes of watermelon candy on the inhale intertwining with the taste of crisp apples making one sweet vape juice to entertain those taste buds. As you exhale the chilling effects of menthol will take place satisfying that urge for a sweet refreshing treat.