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ORGNX Eliquids

Festering a whole line of flavorsome fruit flavors, ORGNX Eliquids has turned into one of the industry's hottest brands. It has created and developed a wide range of fruit-infused vape juice, boasting fruity and menthol flavors that could easily become a new favorite. The line of premium vape juice hasn't been around for as long as others, yet it quickly grew to stardom and has become one of the industry's greatest success stories due to its focus on creating fruit flavors with the highest quality ingredients. The entire collection consists of various fruits, filled within a 60mL bottle, and available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine options, as well as a salt form that is available in 35mg. What’s extraordinary about ORGNX Eliquids is its ability to develop marvelous tastes without using a whole line of complex flavors. It is proving that you don’t need some highly intricate combination of flavors to deliver satisfying tastes, which vapers will enjoy and continue to come back to. What it has done was create a line of flavors that define themselves, giving you real tastes to create the most authentic experience. Whether you are looking to cleanse your taste buds and start fresh or you’re merely wanting to go back to the basics to reexplore the wonderful landscape of single flavor vape juice, ORGNX Eliquids has mastered a phenomenal collection of vape juice that everyone is sure to enjoy in some way or another.

ORGNX Eliquid is an extraordinary manufacturing brand that is based in the hub of the vape juice market, Los Angeles, California. It creates and develops premium vape juice using a long list of flavors that consist of fruit and menthol flavors. Since its inception, ORGNX Eliquid has risen to the top, leading the industry with its mouthwatering concoctions, which have gained immense popularity, great feedback, and rave reviews. With as many as 11 unique flavors available in regular and ice (menthol) versions. With loads of tasty, mouthwatering flavors to enjoy, it's hard not to love ORGNX Eliquids. Although the brand may not be backed by years upon years on the market like many others, what it does have going for it is the persona it gives off. Today, we are in a time where everyone is wanting to be green, be organic, go more minimal, and live a more simplified life. ORGNX Eliquids is one way a vaper can partake in that movement, by going back to the basics with a single flavor blend that provides an extraordinary taste all on its own. While it isn’t going to make you healthier or work the magic that organic foods offer, or will it even reduce the toxic waste, however, you will feel better knowing you went with ORGNX Eliquids with every vape session.

ORGNX Eliquids Vape Juice Flavor Review


ORGNX Eliquids Apple delivers the taste of a freshly picked apple that has been squeezed of all its crispy juices. This remarkable flavor concoction is just the fruit-flavored vape juice you need if you are a fan of apple flavor vape juice. From the first puff to the last, your taste buds will be shocked with a delicious, flavorsome taste. ORGNX Apple offers a marveled taste, one we're sure you will come to find is the most pleasing due to its simple, yet incredibly made flavor.

Apple Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Apple Ice boasts an incredible mixture that recreates the taste of freshly picked apples, which have been squeezed and extracted from all its crispy tasting juices. To recreate the taste of a tall glass of cold apple juice, a cool menthol has been added, completing the wonderful flavor experience. ORGNX Apple Ice provides a wicked taste combining those delicious red apples and crisp menthol, ensuring you are left incredibly pleased every time you take a puff.


ORGNX Eliquids Orange is a tasty replica of real orange flavor, boasting that organic taste that soothes the taste buds with its amazing flavor. Boasting a zesty aroma that is sure to delight the taste buds, we're certain you won't be able to get enough of this reflection of Florida oranges. From the very first puff, this succulent sweet and sour vape juice is all that you'll want or need. This ORGNX Orange is definitely one of those tasty flavors that you will come to appreciate with every puff that you take.

Orange Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Orange Ice is a frigid take on ORGNX original orange flavor, boasting a zesty aroma of sweet and sour Florida oranges. It is recreated with a pool of menthol to deliver a representation of a delightful glass of cold orange juice. From its tanginess to its zestiness, your taste buds will be overwhelmed with appreciation. Bringing together that Florida orange taste and combining it with a hefty dose of menthol will surely quench those tastes and leave you refreshed so that you can go for yet another round with this delicious flavor.


ORGNX Eliquids Peach is yet another blissful flavor concoction that many will find incredibly pleasing. This delicious vape juice is loaded with the taste of Georgia peaches, which is full of hardcore peach flavor from beginning to end. It is the perfect addition to the summer, and we're thrilled for you to experience it. ORGNX Peach is by far one of the best flavors you'll experience, as it boasts a delicious taste with every puff that you take. With tons of sweet flavor, we're sure this will become one of your favorites.

Peach Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Peach Ice embodies the deliciousness of Georgia peaches, perfectly recreating the taste and bombarding it with an ice-cold infusion of menthol. This cool and tasty vape offers that flavorsome ripe taste that goes down in history as being a stellar summer flavor that everyone should at least experience once. ORGNX Peach Ice is another brilliantly crafted vape juice flavor that we know everyone will love. It offers a delicious taste that brings together that sweet taste of peach and layers it upon a refreshingly cool menthol, ensuring your taste buds are satisfied.


ORGNX Eliquids Lychee is a fabulous premium vape juice that provides an overwhelming flavor experience. It utilizes that sweet taste of exotic fruit from South East Asia famed for its unique taste. From the first puff you take to the very last, this mouthwatering blend of straight Lychee flavor is all that you'll need. ORGNX Lychee is an amazing creation, providing a delicious taste we're sure everyone will love. If you are searching for a tasty vaping experience, this outstanding flavor creation is just the vape juice you'll want.

Lychee Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Lychee Ice is an amazing vape juice flavor that many find incredibly pleasing. It uses the famed South East Asia exotic fruit, known as Lychee, that has gained immense popularity for its one-of-a-kind taste. The flavor is recreated by infusing a bone-chilling menthol into the mix for those who prefer the cold taste of vapor. ORGNX Lychee Ice is an awesome flavor, bringing together that unique lychee flavor that everyone loves, and it is combined with a bone-chilling menthol flavor, which is sure to keep your mouth refreshed and your taste buds excited.


ORGNX Eliquids Watermelon is one of the industry's famed flavors, and ORGNX has created its natural taste without any interruptions. If you crave the taste of mouthwatering watermelon flavor, this juicy replica is sure to satisfy you to no end. Every puff is loaded with tasty, flavorful watermelon goodness, and we're just waiting for you to try it. ORGNX Watermelon is an amazing flavor, which you will find incredibly pleasing. The mouthwatering flavor offers tons of watermelon flavor juice, keeping you super satisfied to keep you coming back for more.

Watermelon Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Watermelon Ice is a delicious take on a natural watermelon flavor, but it comes with a cool and tasty twist that we're sure you won't be able to stop vaping on. Watermelon Ice is the juicy watermelon flavor with an infusion of frigid menthol, keeping your temperatures low for those hot summer months. ORGNX Watermelon Ice is yet another vape juice that we're thrilled to offer, giving you sweet and juicy watermelon flavor, along with a bone-chilling cool menthol flavor, which we just know you'll come to call one of your many favorites.


ORGNX Eliquids Honeydew is a marveled blend that we're sure your taste buds will appreciate. It offers outstanding flavor, boasting tasty honeydew melon. Its sweet and tasty nectar will surely keep you tamed, yet allow your taste buds to run wild. If you want the bursting flavor of honeydew, we urge you to dive into this delicious blend. Honeydew is a really unique flavor, and when you make it into a vape juice, you'll be surprised by its taste. It has an amazing flavor that we just know you'll love. It is definitely a flavor that, all on its own, will have you incredibly pleased, and will leave you wanting even more.

Honeydew Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Honeydew Ice is a tasty vape that will make your mouth water. It is a true summertime treat, offering the sweet nectar of honeydew melon that combines with a cool as ice menthol flavor, which we're sure will open your senses with tons of luscious flavors. ORGNX Honeydew Ice is a fabulous flavor that we can't wait for everyone to try. It is a flavor that is made for the summer, offering loads of delicious taste, along with a dose of ice-cold menthol to keep you satisfied. After each puff, it leaves a lingering taste to keep you thinking about the next session.


ORGNX Eliquids Mango gives way to a succulent blend of smooth mango nectar, leaving your taste buds overjoyed with a single flavorsome vape that you can't get enough of. Mango is one of the most delightful flavors, and you can now experience it all on its own, with no interruptions from other flavors. ORGNX Mango is a brilliant addition to the market, as it delivers tons of juicy flavor that everyone will love. From the very first puff, the mango flavor hits just right, leaving you with a taste that you'll surely want to come back to.

Mango Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Mango Ice offers the brilliant taste of mango. It delivers the natural taste, no added flavors, or anything to interrupt the experience. Dive into the succulent taste of smooth mango nectar and a freezing infusion of menthol. It's an ice-cold vape with the most delicious mango flavor you've ever had. ORGNX Mango Ice delivers that same mango flavor you've come to know and love, yet it is bombarded by a flavor that won't leave you with dull tastes. The menthol flavor is the perfect addition, offering a cool and crisp flavor you're sure to appreciate with every puff you take.


ORGNX Eliquids Banana is a satisfying vape juice blend that provides an exceptional taste. This outstanding vape offers tons of flavor, using a ripe banana that you won't be able to resist. If you are looking for a succulent flavor that you will love, this perfectly uninterrupted banana flavor is just what you need. ORGNX Banana offers you the taste of a true banana flavor, leaving you with its sweet and creamy taste every time that you go in for a vape session. With every puff that you taste, you will experience the deliciousness of a banana flavor, which will surely keep you coming back for more.

Banana Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Banana Ice is a chilling vape juice blend that offers you everything you love about the taste of bananas. Instead of providing the same popsicle flavored banana taste, Banana Ice gives up a natural flavor and an infusion of a cold banana, creating a unique experience that you'll never want to let go of. ORGNX Banana Ice gives you an incredible flavor from the very moment you take a draw. This awesome flavor combines that creamy and sweet banana flavor with a delicious pool of menthol, keeping the tastes overwhelmed with loads of cold and crispy menthol flavor.


ORGNX Eliquids Pineapple is a wonderful vape juice flavor that is newly added to the ORGNX line-up. Whether you want to admit it or not but the taste of pineapple is amazing on its own, and that is exactly what ORGNX accomplished. They've created a perfect pineapple flavor with nothing else breaking the experience. ORGNX Pineapple is surely a flavor that will keep you excited for the taste. This tropical vape juice is one of the best flavors you'll experience, boasting tons of tasty flavored vapor, which is perfect for those who are addicted to the specific taste.

Pineapple Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Pineapple Ice is a luscious experience that you are sure to love. From the first puff to your last puff, you can experience an overwhelming dose of pineapple flavor, which is quickly bombarded by a rush of bone-chilling menthol flavor. If you are one that enjoys pineapple flavors, this is definitely one to give a try. ORGNX Pineapple Ice is an awesome flavor that everyone will love. It is an amazing flavor that gives off a pineapple flavor and is combined with a deliciously cool menthol flavor, which we're sure you won't mind adding to your collection.


ORGNX Eliquids Guava is a tasty vape that you are sure to enjoy. Everything single time you inhale, you'll experience the unique, sweet, universal taste of guava, and nothing more. This vape juice is incredibly luscious, boasting loads of sweetness from this hybrid of strawberry and pear. ORGNX Guava is a masterful flavor that everyone knows, and loves. This delicious flavor is amazing, giving you that unique guava flavor that keeps you coming back. It is an impressive flavor, and we just can't wait for you to experience the taste, as we know it's one you will fall in love with.

Guava Ice

ORGNX Eliquids Guava Ice offers an amazing flavor that we're sure you'll love just as much as we do. It is a masterful blend, sporting tons of sweet guava flavor and an infusion of ice-cold menthol. It is insanely delicious, generating a unique taste that will surely freeze your taste buds with tasty flavor. ORGNX Guava Ice provides an amazing taste from the very beginning, giving you that same exotic flavor you love. It is bombarded with an overwhelmingly cool flavor of menthol, ensuring your taste buds are thrilled. This cold as ice vape juice is just what you'll want to keep you away from those dull moments.

White Grape

ORGNX Eliquids White Grape is an outstanding vape juice flavor that is delicious and tastes incredibly natural. White grapes are super crisp, taste much lighter, and provides a refreshing taste that anyone will rave about. If you are searching for a unique vape, you have got to try this incredible fruit flavor in vape form. ORGNX White Grape gives you that satisfying taste that you aren't super familiar with. It is smooth, crispy, and offers a unique taste, which we just know you'll love. From the very first draw that you experience, you will be hooked on this new favorite vape juice.

White Grape Ice

ORGNX Eliquids White Grape Ice will make your mouth watering with succulent flavor. From the first puff to the very end of the experience, your tastes will be glazed with this perfectly concocted white grape flavor, along with an outstanding mixture of menthol flavor. It's the coldest white grape flavor you'll ever taste. ORGNX White Grape Ice is an awesome and delicious flavor experience that is super unique. It has a crispy and light taste, but it is bombarded by a fascinating addition of menthol. The flavor is cool, tasty, and leaves you with a lingering taste that you'll want to come back to every time.

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