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Vapor Maid

Vapor Maid is a premium vape juice brand pushes the boundaries when it comes to dessert flavors. The brand’s innovative creations deliver intense flavor that you just can’t find anywhere else. Based in Southern California, Vapor Maid has created a collection of three gorgeous ejuices that capture exactly what it is that vape enthusiasts crave most.

When you vape an vape juice by Vapor Maid, you can taste the superior quality of the ingredients. The brand sources all of its ingredients from manufacturing facilities within the United States. Then, their skilled creative team carefully created each flavor formula until it’s perfect.

Whether you crave fluffy pancake dessert flavors or indulge in a sinfully sweet helping of cookie butter, Vapor Maid has a flavor for you. Their three premium e-liquids have taken over the vaping community thanks to flavor profiles that are creative and outrageously delicious.

If you’re a dessert fiend who wants to explore some extremely creative and incredibly flavorful e-liquids, Vapor Maid is going to satisfy your cravings beyond belief. Each of the three ejuices from their premium collection delivers instant pleasure to the taste buds thanks to superior ingredients and a serious dedication to amazing tastes.