Mystery Salt Nicotine Bundle

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Mystery Salt Nicotine Bundle

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Mystery Salt Nicotine Bundle

Mystery Salt Nicotine Bundle Review

Choosing a vape juice flavor can be frustrating after a while. You have found specific flavors that satisfy you, yet you may be at the point where you’ve been vaping them for too long and the tastes, no matter how great they are, have become stagnant. This is why we have developed the Mystery Salt Nicotine Bundle, which alleviates the burden of choosing flavors and places it into our hands. Our experienced staff examines the options you’ve chosen, such as the flavor and nicotine level, and creates a bundle to expand your palette and broaden your horizons when it comes to premium salt nicotine vape juice. Simply choose your preferred nicotine level and choose a flavor,  The Mystery Salt Nicotine Bundle is the perfect way to explore new flavors at the lowest price possible.

Although you may have found your favorite vape juice brands along the way, in this Mystery Vape Juice Bundle, you will never know what you get until it arrives at your doorstep. The bundle can contain a variety of brands. We only use the finest brands on the market with the most popular premium vape juice. Our remarkable staff first receives your order, locates your chosen nicotine level, and selects your preferred flavor types at random. It is a complete mystery for both you and our staff.

Experiencing new flavors is fun, thrilling, and brings life back into your vaping journey. However, many vapers are often stuck in their ways and do not like to venture out to try new flavors. It’s true, no one likes to order something, only to receive a group of flavors they don’t enjoy, yet at the same time, you will never experience anything out of your bubble if you don’t give it a chance. The good thing is, when you choose your flavor type, our staff only selects salt nicotine vape juice that is within those types, and nothing more. We urge you to reach beyond your comfort zone and dive into a whole new world of flavor, and the best way to do it is with the Mystery Salt Nicotine Bundle.

At West Coast Vape Supply, we are thrilled at the opportunity to alter your path of flavors. We know that many of you get stuck on a set flavor, and it’s hard to break away from what you are used to. This is why we stock some of the most popular brands and flavors, offer them at discounted prices, and cut our prices even more with our bundles. The goal for our mystery bundle is to awaken your palette and widen your range of all-day vapes so that you will always have something new and exciting to enjoy when vaping.