WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Top-Rated Naked 100 Vape Juice Flavors

naked 100 eliquid

Naked vape juice Manufactured by USA Vape Lab, the intensely flavorful Naked 100 e-liquid premium line crafted with a perfect balance of their signature yogurt cream. Naked 100 originally started with five delicious fruity blends with a signature yogurt cream blend and now offered an eclectic collection of e-juice flavor blends that are a real taste bud euphoria.

As of 2018, the incredibly famous line-up of Naked 100 vape juice flavors is the best selling ejuice in the world; Naked 100 now offers high nicotine dose vape juice for small form factor low wattage pod-based devices branded under NKD 100 Salt.

Naked 100 is currently available in 60ml glass dropper bottles in 0, 3, 6, and 12mg nicotine strengths and the new Naked 100 Pod System. Read our full guide on Naked vape juice flavors below. Save even more this holiday, 5 percent off with Naked 100 Coupon Code: VAPEMAS

Naked Vape Juice Original Flavors Review

All Melon

The refreshing fruit melon blend of Naked vape Juice All Melon delivers mouth-watering sweet cantaloupe, fresh watermelon, and ripe honeydew, then topped off with Naked 100's signature rich yogurt cream. All Melon's tropical flavor will zap your exotic fruity cravings instantly.

Amazing Mango

The mango, peach, and cream smoothie e-liquid translate it into portable form, with a sweet, and creamy profile, a perfect choice as an all-day-vape. On the inhale Naked 100’s Amazing Mango vape juice, your tongue will be intoxicated and stricken by rich, ripe mango flavor. On the exhale, subtle peaches, mango and Naked 100's signature rich yogurt cream delivers a flavor combination that hits every spot on the palate.

Green Blast

The blend of Apple, Kiwi, Honeydew, and cream that results in a wicked fruity blend, unlike anything you've ever experienced. On the inhale, naked e-juice Green Blast e-juice fills your craving with crisp green apple and fresh honeydew. On the exhale, kiwi flavor and Naked 100's signature cream leaves your mouth-watering, making you crave for more. Available in nicotine salt form from the NKD 100 Salt Nicotine vape juice collection.

Hawaiian POG

POG vape juice brings the tropical islands right to your taste buds, the smooth, refreshing and delicious blend of natural freshly squeezed orange juice, passion fruit's enchanting sweet and tart nectar, and the sweet fruit and creamy guava. Delightful down to the very last drip, Naked Vape Juice Hawaiian POG is indeed the year-round vape for those looking for a perfectly balanced all-day-vape-juice flavor.

Lava Flow

The enchanting tropical island flavor blend, made with ripe, sweet strawberries, coconut, and pineapple captivate the taste buds. On the inhale, Naked100 Lava Flow Juice provides fresh tangy fruity strawberries, coconut, pineapple floods your mouth tingling your taste buds. On the exhale Naked Lava Flow is a sweet smoothie cream of all three fruity blends leaves your mouthwatering making you crave more with each puff.

Really Berry

The explosion of sweet fresh blueberries bursting with flavor fused with the rich complexity of blackberries topped off with a lemon sugar drizzle. Naked e juice Really Berry is sweet with a subtle touch of tartness. With each inhale of Naked 100 Really Berry (formerly Very Berry) will make your taste buds bloom.

Naked Vape Juice Menthol Flavors

Amazing Mango Ice

Are you prepared for juicy mangoes blended with refreshing ice cool menthol? Naked vape juice has now released your number one fruity vape juice in ice cool menthol, Amazing Mango Ice! The sweet peaches delicious mango smoothie and ice cool concoction make for the perfect vape.

Naked Brain Freeze

The refreshing flavor of Naked 100 Brain Freeze vape juice is on a whole new level, featuring perfectly fresh picked ripe strawberries and crisp kiwi, blended with juicy sweet translucent red pomegranate fruit, then served ice-cold, tingling your tongue. Brain Freeze vape juice is made with perfectly blended ingredients to provide taste combinations that we can enjoy for hours on end.

Lava Flow Ice

Naked Lava Flow on Ice is the newest addition to the famed Naked 100 vape juice collection. Naked 100 is known for their nostalgic tropical vape flavor blends. When they created Lava Flow Ice vape juice, they managed to blend an ice cool menthol to create something that is refreshing on a deeper level. Each puff of Lava Flow Ice delivers a delightful combination of strawberry, pineapple and coconut notes that will make your taste receptors dazzle.

Polar Breeze

The perfect tropical ice refreshment, formerly known as Naked 100 Juice Frost Bite, Polar Breeze is a twist of sweet and tart pineapple, rich cantaloupes and sweet honeydew slices, blended into a cold satisfying fruity frozen treat. On the inhale, naked e juice polar breeze delivers smooth and creamy tropical fruits. On the exhale, a satisfyingly cool refreshing taste that will make your mouth sing. Also available from NKD 100 Salt Nicotine.

Very Cool

Very Cool is the blend of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, and sweet honey, the perfect balance of sweet and tang then topped off with fresh cooling ice twist. 
While you inhale the trifecta of sweet blueberries, blackberries and raspberries come bursting on impact. While you exhale, the ice-cool mint blended with the exotic berries delivers a genuinely refreshing menthol that wakes your senses.

Naked Vape Juice Tobacco Flavors

American Patriots

Formerly known as Cowboy by Naked Vape Juice, the tobacco flavor takes you on a ride with a classic bold tobacco cut, the Naked 100 e-juice rich tobacco flavor will take you on a journey to the old west. On the inhale of Naked 100 American Patriot tobacco e-juice, the smooth tobacco delivers an impressive authentic taste of tobacco with hints of caramel. On the exhale, the flavor of caramel bourbon electrifies the tobacco satisfying your cravings.

Cuban Blend

Naked 100 Tobacco Cuban blend is a flavorful, medium bodied, and aromatic, with an expertly crafted with the Caribbean's most excellent tobacco flavoring to create a complexion of smooth and subtly sweet flavor profile with a tantalizing aroma, crafted for those looking for a standout all day tobacco vape juice.

Euro Gold

Naked 100 Tobacco flavor Euro Gold vape juice is the most popular tobacco blend that Naked 100 has to offer, with a flavor profile that has been crafted to create a smooth tobacco vape that features Naked 100's best light tobacco blend the brand has to offer.

Naked Vape Juice Fusion Candied Flavors

Straw Lime (Formerly Berry Belts)

The classic strawberry sour-belt to entirely new level, balancing the sweet and tart goodness of strawberry sour-belts, dusted with sweet and sour sugar than finally a touch of citrus for a sweet and tang mouth-watering candy flavor bonanza. Naked 100's Straw Lime is your go-to flavor for a rush of yummy candied goodness.

Green Lemon (Formerly Sour Sweet)

Seductive lime infused candy, layered with the perfect balance of sweet sugar and sour sugar. Naked e juice Green Lemon is sure to make your sweet tooth cry, without the cavities. On the inhale, Naked 100 Juice Green Lemon vape juice lemony tart that gives your mouth jolly delivering intense satisfaction for sweet tooth craving lovers. On the exhale, the sweet flavors intensify, balancing the sour notes giving your sweet tooth a punch making your mouth pucker with sugary goodness. You will entirely fall in love with this addicting lime candy vape juice.

Yummy Strawberry (Formerly Yummy Gum)

The mouthwatering taste of strawberry bubblegum, with sweet and juicy strawberry flavor, touched with the smoothness of bubblegum packed into every vape. On the inhale of Naked 100 Yummy Strawberry e-juice smacks the palate with tangy and sweet strawberry notes. On the exhale the flavor of fresh strawberries floods your taste buds with delightful goodness.

Naked 100 Fusion E-Liquid is the ultimate candied vape juice your money can buy.

Naked Vape Juice Cream Flavors Review

Naked Unicorn

Naked Unicorn ejuice is crafted perfectly with a strong strawberry flavor base and accented with ultra creamy notes. Naked 100 Unicorn flavor is the perfect choice for strawberry cream lovers. On the inhale of Naked 100 Unicorn vape juice delivers a burst of ripe, sweet strawberries and fresh cream. When you exhale, Naked 100 intoxicating signature rich creamy blend guarantees to hit the spot every time.

Azul Berries

Azul Berries is a brilliantly designed crafted flavor blend to create an ultra-strong blueberry profile with hints of tart raspberry while complimenting it with Naked 100's signature creamy base. If you are searching for a delicious blueberry flavor vape juice, Azul Berries by Naked 100 is the right choice.

Go Nanas

Go Nanas is handcrafted to perfectly recreate an ultra creamy base topped with fresh banana slices. Your mouth will sing with the natural flavor of ripe bananas. While you inhale Naked 100 e-juice Go Nanas immediately burst the taste buds with the mouth-watering flavor of smooth, cream bananas. While you exhale, the flavor is rounded off with a perfectly balanced cream.

Berry Lush

Berry Lush is a distinctive flavor of a crisp kiwi and a perfectly sweet strawberry then this fruit mixture is layered upon a rich cream that adds a perfect richness. On the inhale, Naked 100 Berry Lush vape juice, the tropical combination of pineapples and strawberries makes your mouth water. On the exhale, Naked Liquid signature cream blend enlightens your flavor palate.

Maui Sun

Maui Sun by Naked 100 60ml vape juice is the distinctive taste of a beautiful tropical combination of oranges, pineapples, and tangerine. Your taste buds will wake up immediately thanks to a blend of citrus flavors: hands down, the best vape juice flavor in this entire cream flavor collection.

Naked 100 vape juice is available in a generous 60ml glass dropper bottles. If you love ripe fruity vape juice flavors, ice menthol flavors, smoothie creams, then Naked 100 e-juice has something for you. If you use low voltage pod-based systems, then choose NKD 100 Salt for the same great flavors.

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