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Bad SALT by Bad Drip Labs

Gifting astonishing tastes that present severe complexity, Bad Salt by Bad Drip Labs will surely be the one to catch your attention. It offers tons of remarkably crafted flavors that you will notice have been perfected. Just as interesting as the packaging itself, the flavors are fine-tuned to deliver out-of-this-world tastes, far from your ordinary vape juice line. This amazing collection not only focuses heavily on its flavors but the quality is a top priority as well. With it all combined, Bad Salt by Bad Drip Labs has turned into a brand that everyone enjoys and continues to rely on.

Bad Drip Labs Nicotine Salt is one of the top-selling salt nicotine flavors. Packaged in 30ml bottles, the flavors mimic the original Bad Drip collection. The flavors that Bad Drip Labs create are so out of this world that you will never be able to get enough of them. From the delightfully delicious taste of fried cinnamon and sugar dough that wraps a banana to a doughnut that has been slathered with fruity cereal sprinkles, there is nothing more enticing than Bad Salt vape juice.

Bad Drip SALT Flavor Review

Bad SALT Cereal Trip

Picture this, it's a Sunday morning and you're sitting in front of the TV with no worries in the world munching on your favorite cereal and watching your favorite cartoons. Bad Salt Cereal Trip will time travel you to that time in your life. As you inhale Bad Salt Cereal Trip the taste of fruity cereal will flood your taste buds with the creamy milk. As you exhale, Bad Salt puts a twist on this classic flavor by adding the taste of a freshly baked doughnut. This flavor is truly out of this world. 

Bad SALT Don't Care Bear

Once again, Bad Salt will bring you back to your favorite childhood memories with Don't Care Bear. This vape juice brings you the taste of your favorite rainbow gummy candies. As you inhale Bad Salt Don't Care Bear you truly won't have a care in the world. This flavor combines all of your favorite gummy candy flavors into one. As you exhale, the gummy candy flavor washes off of your taste buds leaving them craving more and more. 

Bad SALT Bad Blood

Bad Salt Bad Blood brings you a fruity concoction that will have your taste buds going wild. This vape juice combines the flavor of pomegranate, blueberries, and vanilla to make for the best treat-flavored vape. As you inhale Bad Salt Bad Blood the taste of pomegranate hits your taste buds sending them into a frenzy. Then, the taste of blueberries comes in taking the pomegranate flavor to a whole new level. As you exhale, the vanilla soothes your taste buds from this fruity roller coaster. 

Bad SALT Ugly Butter

Bad Salt Ugly Butter is the furthest thing from ugly that you'll ever be able to find. This vape juice is something so spectacular that you won't believe your taste buds. As you inhale Bad Salt Ugly Butter the taste of a freshly baked funnel cake that is covered with cinnamon and powdered sugar blankets your taste buds. As you exhale, the flavor changes into a banana pudding taste that you will quickly become addicted to. 

Bad SALT Bad Apple

A new flavor that you'll fall head over heels for with a single puff. Savored apple all the way and nothing can sound more appetizing than that. On the inhale you'll immediately taste the light tart tones of apple, while on the exhale it's a lot sweeter and sugared down to perfection.

Bad Salt brings you all of your favorite Bad Drip Labs vape juices into a salt nicotine form so you can enjoy them even if you're vaping on a pod system. These vape juices are not made for sub-ohm use only pod system use. 

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