WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Aqua E-Liquid

Aqua E-Liquids is known for their fruity blends that are truly authentic and flavor packed. They have a collection of 5 available savory blends, you wont be able to choose which is your favorite. Well thanks to our rock bottom prices you'll be able to indulge in Aqua E-Liquid without breaking the bank. Now that sounds like a deal you don't want to pass up.

Aqua Liquids are packing into a 60ml plastic bottle and offers 3 variants of nicotine levels 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Cloud chasers cannot get enough of Aqua with their MAX VG ratio. This allows for a bigger cloud production which each exhale. So that big puffy vapor cloud you've been seeking can finally be achieved. Some may think that with MAX VG that the flavor is less impacted, but that can't be more wrong with Aqua Liquids. You are sure to get the thick cloud and a flavor packed experience from the first drop to the last.

Aqua Vape Juice Flavor Review


This tropical blend is sure to please your exotic side. Flow by Aqua is a fruity concoction with tangy pineapple, juicy guava, and ripe mangoes. Your taste buds will not be able to thank you enough for indulging in Flow by Aqua. This e-juice has a perfected balance between tangy and sweet so you won't get overwhelmed. On the inhale is a rush of that mango vape juice flavor. This authentic taste will make you feel like you have just bitten into a fresh juicy mango. Rushing over next is tangy notes from that ripe pineapple flavor. This tart flavor will dance alone your taste buds with each puff. On the exhale is that genuine guava flavor to provide a refreshing exhale. 


Indulge in this refreshing summer fruity treat with Mist by Aqua. This combination of crisp apples freshly picked pears, and tangy kiwis is sure to delight. Mist has a unique fruit salad flavor that is refreshing and savory from the first drop to the last. These intense flavors are sure to please. On the inhale your mouth will receive a rush of that authentic apple flavor. A tart kiwi e-liquid flavor will delight as it fused with that apple taste. On the exhale, juicy pears provide a refreshing ending perfect for a warm summers day. 


You will truly feel like you are on your dream vacation with Oasis by Aqua, this fruity blend with juicy peaches, ripe cantaloupe, and sweet papaya will leave you begging for more. Oasis by Aqua gets these names because it truly is like a vacation packed into a 60ml bottle. You will be delighted by this refreshing and intense flavor combination. On the inhale, juicy peaches will smother your tongue and please your taste buds with its genuine flavor. A light papaya taste fuses with that mango flavor providing a unique but savory combination. The exhale is truly satisfying as that ripe cantaloupe washes down those intense flavors. 


Pure by Aqua is a strawberry watermelon flavor like no other. Not only is this famous flavor combination unique and authentic but an added apple e-juice flavor is sure to seal the deal! Many brands have recreated that common strawberry watermelon vape juice flavor but none have done it quite like Aqua. These intense and genuine flavors will please from the first puff to the last. On the inhale, those succulent strawberries will sweeten your taste buds with their juicy taste. Fusing with this is that added apple base. These ripe and crisp apples will have your taste buds begging for more. On the exhale a savory juicy watermelon will provide a refreshing ending.

Flow Drops

From your first inhale of Rainbow Drops a blend of tangy crisp apples, and rich strawberries, and savory grapes will invade your senses. A succulent tart orange flavor rushes with a tarty lemon flavor that will explode your taste buds with the pure essence of this vape juice. The genuine fruity flavors of Rainbow Drops will satisfy your mouth with every puff.

Sour Melons

Sour Melons is your favorite sour hard candies recreated into an intoxicating vape juice. This succulent blend is perfect for all those melon e-juice flavored lovers. This fusion of crisp and juicy watermelon has been combined with a sweet candy base that is sure to please that sweet tooth! To make this even better, sour notes to provide a tangy twist with each puff. Ditch those hard candies you hoard in your office desk and indulge in Sour Melons by Aqua instead! On the inhale your tongue will be smothered in that authentic watermelon vape juice flavor. Bouncing from taste bud to taste bud is those sour notes to give you a lip puckering sour flavor. On the exhale that candy base balances out those tangy notes and kicks those cravings all day long! 

Indulge in your favorite fruit combinations all day long with Aqua liquids. You won't be disappointed in these flavor-packed e-liquids. No matter if you prefer tropical and exotic fruits vs more common fusions, Aqua Vape is sure to have the perfect flavor for you.