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SVRF Salts

With a tidal wave of masterful flavor creations in its collection, SVRF Salts offers an excellent vaping experience. Recreated with quality salt nicotine, each bottle of SVRF Salts will provide the same radical experience that you receive from its original collection, which is how SVRF received its fame. The bottles are filled to the rim with 30mL of premium vape juice and provide options of 24mg and 48mg salt nicotine strengths.

Paying homage to the coastal culture, SVRF has become an industry-leading premium vape juice brand that thousands of vapers rely on each day. Its collection stretches far and wide, gifting delicious flavors that can be the most complex to the simplest of blends. With names like Satisfying, Balanced, and Refreshing, you can easily picture the flavor experience before ever opening a single bottle. SVRF (pronounced Surf) is a premium vape juice brand that has a sensational lineup. It rests under the umbrella of SAVEURvape, a manufacturing company founded in 2012 and based in Torrance, California. It was one of the first vape juice manufacturers to exist and today it is a company that houses a list of successful brands, such as SVRF, Met4, Jazzy Boba, The Originals, The Standard Vape, and more.

SVRF Salts Vape Juice Flavor Review


Embark on this tidal wave of flavors as you experience a unique and refreshing blend of flavors that packed with satisfying notes. This special concoction consists of raspberry tea infused with exotic dragon fruit. It coats your taste buds and leaves a lingering taste that you continue to enjoy.


Deliver a sense of balance to your vaping experience by finding the perfect medium when it comes to flavor creation. This delightful mixture of flavors will deliver just that, promising a delicious concoction that consists of tropical coconut flavor and sweet cream to finish off the experience.


Surf through this never-ending trio of flavors to discover the most refreshing all-day vape. This perfect blend is extraordinarily delicious, bringing together a fascinating lineup of exotic fruit flavors. It consists of mangoes, cantaloupes, and papayas to create a harmony of flavors.

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