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Cookie King

If you're a sweet treat loving person you're probably familiar with Drip More's line Candy King. Well now, the cookie monster side of you has a vape juice line that will contain it. Cookie King by Drip More is the cookie vape juice of your dreams with authentic flavors that will have your mouth watering from the first drop. 

Cookie King Ejuice Flavor Review

Choco Cream

Do you crave the taste of a creamy ice cream sandwich? The taste of two chocolate sandwich cookies with ice cream smooched in between has never tasted better than it does with this vape juice. As you inhale Cookie King Choco Cream, the first taste is to dance across your taste buds in the chocolate cookie. This rich chocolate cookie is something so delectable you'll want to scream from the rooftops about it. As you exhale, the ice cream flavor combines with the chocolate cookie taste to create the best ice cream sandwich you've ever tasted. 

Cookie King DVNK

Graham crackers are the sweetest treat on earth and Cookie King is bringing you that life-changing flavor in a vape juice you can enjoy all day long with no regrets. The taste of a graham cracker dipped in vanilla frosting will overwhelm your taste buds in the best way. As you inhale Cookie King DVNK, the taste of sweet graham crackers will wash over your taste buds. As you exhale, the vanilla frosting taste becomes more intense bringing the entire flavor into a well rounded vape juice. 

Lemon Wafer

For those of you who have a tart and sweet craving you can't seem to kick, Cookie King just has the vape juice for you. This vape juice brings you the mix of sweetness and tartness of lemons baked into a sweet cookie tart. As you inhale Cookie King Lemon Wafer, the taste of lemons that are baked to perfection hits your taste buds sending shivers down your spine. As you exhale, the taste of the cookie washes away the tartness and leaves your taste buds with only sweetness. 

Cookie King, a line from the brand from Drip More, brings you a vape juice that will satisfy all of your sweet and cookie cravings. A vape juice that you'll never get tired of will quickly become your first pick in rotation.  

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