WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Keep It 100 100ml Pick 3 Bundle (300ml)

Product Description

Keep It 100 100ml Pick 3 Bundle

Keep It 100 Vape Juice Bundle

It’s a brand that has been trending since its inception, and if you’re at all familiar with them, you know the outstanding impact it’s had on the vaping industry within the last few years. Keep It 100 is an extraordinary choice of e-liquid, despite there being a massive amount of brands and flavors on the market. Due to its catchy name and logo, along with its marvelous collection of flavors, Keep It 100 ejuice has been posted up in a leading position, creating a path forward for others to follow. There isn’t a single person that can deny what this brand has been able to achieve. In an oversaturated industry, they’ve managed to leap forward and place their products on top of many others that have fought tooth and nail to gain even an inch of the spotlight. What has helped the brand the most, aside from its ‘cool’ name, has to be its quality and the collection of flavors. From its Pink Burst candied flavor to its Mallow Man Cookies to its Kiberry Killa Fruit, Keep It 100 offers a full spectrum that’s hard not to like.

With so many routes to take, Keep It 100 vape felt the need to create a line of vape juice that offered candy, fruit, and dessert flavors. Whether you’re looking for some complex or a specific flavor profile of fruits, candies and dessert flavors, Keep It 100 has you covered.

In this listing, we’re offering a Keep It 100 100ML Pick 3 Bundle, where you’ll have the opportunity to choose from 6 different flavors and choose three different flavors or three of the same flavor if you got a specific flavor you’re familiar with.

Each flavor is packaged in a 100ML Chubby Gorilla bottle, totaling 300ML worth of vape juice, and is available in three nicotine strengths, including 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG.

Choose from any 3 Keep It 100 Vape Juice Flavors

  • Pink Burst - Ready yourself for a delightful experience that consists of a sweet strawberry that has been precisely infused with a creamy candy.
  • Blue Slushie - If you can recall those younger days as you slurped up a Blue Slushie, you’ll be familiar with this outstanding flavor combination of blue raspberry iced slushie with a subtle hint of strawberries.
  • Mallow Man - Imagine the most delicious batch of fresh baked sugar cookies with a coating of melted marshmallows. It tastes just as good as it sounds!
  • Strawberry Milk - It’s a strawberry milk flavor that differs from others on the market due to its creamy and sweet taste
  • Krunchy Squares - For those of you who crave the taste of cinnamon, Krunchy Squares offers the perfect cinnamon coated cereal that tastes as if it was smothered by sweet milk. 
  • Kiberry Killa - This duo is one you’re bound to fall in love with, as it combines a delicious blend of ripe strawberries and the fascinating taste of juicy kiwi

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