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Keep It 100 100ml Pick 3 Bundle (300mL)

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Keep It 100 Vape Juice Bundle 3x100mL (300ml)

Despite there being a large number of brands and flavors on the market that already exists, Keep It 100 has managed to position itself in a leading role, setting a path forward that others tend to follow. Keep It 100 is a brilliantly built brand that has quite a massive collection of premium vape juice. It has perfected a slew of flavors that all provide satisfying tastes and smooth experiences, and it is causing everyone to turn their heads in its wake. The Keep It 100 collection offers several flavors to choose from, ranging from fruits to desserts to beverages. Choose any three 100mL bottles with your preferred choice of flavor. Next, select your desired nicotine level, including 3mg, and 6mg strengths, and your delicious bundle of vape juice will arrive before you know it.

Headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey, Keep It 100 has become the highlight of the scene for Jersey locals while remaining the industry’s most popular vape juice brand. Keep It 100 has an extraordinary collection, and it is all made under the umbrella of one of the industry’s largest manufacturers, Liquid Labs LLC. The manufacturing giant has a fully functional GMP-compliant ISO 7 cleanroom, where it creates and develops various brands and flavors, such as Fill My Pod Vape Juice, 2Rx CBD, and of course, the Keep It 100 collection as well as Keep It 100 Salts, which is its original line in salt form. Along with its creativity in development, it is also heavily involved in advocacy and community events to show that it is side-by-side with consumers.


  • Blue (Formerly Blue Slushie) - Everyone remembers the delicious taste of a blue slushie. It is one of the industry’s most popular vape juice flavors, and Keep It 100 is one of the very few that has perfected the taste. It combines juicy blue raspberries with a hint of strawberries to create that authentic experience you know and love.
  • Iced Blue (Formerly Blue Slushie Iced) - Taking the blue slushie flavor to a whole new level to create an experience that is as authentic as it gets, yet another ingredient is added. Blue Slushie Iced uses the same signature blue slushie flavor, blends it with a subtle amount of strawberries, and finishes with a dose of menthol. It is now a true blue slushie vape that is cool, delicious, and refreshing.
  • Summer Blue (Formerly Blue Slushie Lemonade) - If you are looking to take a different approach to the blue slushie flavor that Keep It 100 has become known for, this is the flavor to do it. It combines blue raspberries, strawberries, and just the right amount of thirst-quenching lemonade flavor to create a delicious vape.
  • Trop Blue (Formerly Blue Slushie Tropical) - Recreating its famed blue slushie flavor is a no-brainer for Keep It 100. In this one, it uses the signature blue slushie flavor that consists of blue raspberries and subtle hints of strawberries, then combines it with a group of exotic fruits, creating a mouthwatering tropical frenzy for you and your taste buds to enjoy.
  • 4/2/91 (Formerly Birthday Shake) - If you are looking for the perfect flavor to celebrate a Birthday, why not do it with a Birthday Shake vape juice? This delicious blend combines both vanilla cake and milk together as one, creating an all-day vape you will remember for the rest of your life, especially if it’s on that very special day.
  • FTC (Formerly Krunchy Squares) - If you can remember the cinnamon flavor cereal you once enjoyed during breakfast, and late at night, you may get a hint of what Krunchy Squares has to offer. It uses cinnamon and coats it with cereal while being smothered in smooth and sweet milk. It is the perfect vape for those who enjoy cinnamon vapes.
  • Fusion (Formerly Kiberry Killa) - As one of the industry’s most popular flavors, this duo is one blend that you wouldn’t expect to taste so good. It is a masterful blend of ripe strawberries mixed with just the right amount of juicy kiwi. When the two come together, it creates a seamless vape experience that is balanced perfectly for your tastes.
  • BAL (Formerly Strawberry Milk) - Just as the name describes, this perfect blend recreates the popular taste of strawberry milk. It is one of Keep It 100’s most famed flavors because of its creamy and sweet taste. If you are looking for an authentic replica of true strawberry milk, this is definitely the one you should try.
  • Pink (Formerly Pink Burst) - Delivering a delicious taste that has become a Keep It 100 classic, Pink is an amazing vape juice for anyone to try. It is a sweet and tangy blend of cream berry flavor that will wash over your taste buds and leave you pleased.
  • MLOW (Formerly Mallow Man) - Enjoy this sweet and flavorsome treat anytime you want, now that it's available in vape form. MLOW is a tasty blend of soft sugar cookies mashed with the perfect addition of melted marshmallows, giving you the most pleasing vape.
  • Orchard (Formerly Apple Cider Donut) - Nestle your tastes in the crisp taste of donuts and apple cider. It is a flavorsome burst of apple that you will love to puff on from one puff to the next. It gives you the full orchard experience every time you vape.
  • Maui (Formerly Maui Blast) - Sharing a fascinating concoction that will send you to the tropics, there isn't anything more pleasing than Maui. It is a smooth and enjoyable vape that blends together guava, lychee, and passion fruit together for an all-day vape.
  • Bacco - You'll be hard-pressed to find another more incredible vape juice blend than Bacco. It's a classic tobacco blend that offers a robust flavor, offering bold and rich notes that is sure to keep your taste buds amused. This is a tobacco vape you're going to love.
  • Foster (Formerly Nana Foster) - Overwhelme your taste buds with an excitingly delicious vape that consists of sweet bananas, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla. It's a trio that will soothe your airways and leaves you with a lasting taste you just cannot get enough of.
  • Dew Drop - Recreating your favorite beverage, Dew Drop will become an absolute favorite. It's the classic citrus and lime flavor combined with the fizzling taste of soda. It's a familiar vape that will overcome your taste buds and become your all-time favorite.
  • Purple (Formerly OG Purp) - When you're ready to excite your taste with a delicious and pleasing vape, Purple is just what you want. It is an amazing combination of sugary sweet grape flavors that you'll find familiar from grape candy. It combines with fizzy lemonade for the perfect finish.

The Keep It 100 brand and its collection are quite fascinating. It provides a whole range of delicious vape juice flavors, which many will find are all-day vapes. Whether you are looking for your favorite blue slushie flavor or a delicious glass of strawberry milk, there is a flavor for every taste in this price-dropping bundle.

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)