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The Hype Ejuice

The Hype Collection is a series of incredible vape juice flavors all designed to deliver strong cloud production with intense flavor. The Hype Ejuice aspires for authentic candy flavors from your pastime childhood, boasting a sweet and sour ejuice collection that is nothing short of outstanding. If you are truly a fan of nostalgic sweet candy flavor blends, the vape juice from The Hype Collection is a must-try, as each batch is crafted for maximal vaping pleasure. With the capability of arriving at your doorstep in a flash, The Hype Collection is packaged in a 100mL Chubby Gorilla bottle that offers loads of flavor. With its large size, your vape sessions are extended, giving you more flavor for longer periods, reducing your order times. To provide the perfect between both flavor and vapor, The Hype Ejuice has a 70/30 ratio of VG/PG. It is also available in multiple strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, giving you the option of choosing your preferred nicotine level.

Founded by Nicholas DeNuccio and Nicholas Bull in March 2014, Propaganda Premium E-Liquid has become the vaping industry’s underdog story that was started with just a couple hundred dollars. With a clear vision and goals that seemed beyond achievable, Propaganda defied all odds and turned this Irvine, California-based brand into a complete success by producing some of the finest collections and flavors. It is now home to the industry’s most popular lines, such as Propaganda E-Liquid, Cloudmouth Vapors, Vape Pink, and one of our favorites, The Hype Collection.

The Hype Ejuice Flavor Review

The Hype Collection Blue Frost

The Hype Collection Blue Frost by Propaganda E-Liquid is a perfectly blended vape juice that resembles the taste of a bone-chilling blue slushie flavor. It combines the taste of blue raspberries and menthol to create the best representation, ensuring your taste buds receive the most authentic experience. If you are looking for a cool summer vape that is readily available for any day, you have got to try Blue Frost!

The Hype Collection Pink & Blue

The Hype Collection Pink & Blue by Propaganda E-Liquid is yet another fascinating flavor creation from the expert mixologists behind Propaganda E-Liquid. This complex flavor sets you back into a time of your childhood to deliver that memorable taste of cotton candy. It comes with all of the sweet and sugary notes of that fluffy cotton candy flavor you know and love and leaves your tongue soaked in flavor and your sweet tooth fulfilled.

The Hype Collection America

The Hype Collection America by Propaganda E-Liquid is a mimicked taste of store-bought popsicles that you’ve enjoyed throughout the years. From the moment you take your first puff, you immediately taste cherry, blue raspberry, sour lime, and a cooling sensation that will leave your mouth watering for more. From its candy-like sweet tones to the bone-chilling finish, you will love everything about this American-inspired flavor.

The Hype Collection Strawberries A La Mode

The Hype Collection Strawberries A La Mode by Propaganda E-Liquid provides a unique and very complex set of flavors to create what has become one of the industry’s most popular vape juice flavors. It consists of a strawberry shortcake that has been filled with chunks of oozing strawberry, and a vanilla and strawberry ice cream swirl. The flavor is silky, smooth, and loaded with delicious flavors that you can’t get enough of.

The Hype Collection Sour Apple

The Hype Collection Sour Apple by Propaganda E-Liquid is a candy-inspired flavor that utilizes sour green apple to create one of the best vape experiences you’ve come across yet. With the first puff, you quickly taste a candied sensation, which boasts a green apple flavor. As you exhale, the flavor intensifies and the experience is enhanced that much more. If you enjoy sour green apple candy in a vapor form, this flavor is a must-try!

The Hype Collection Cool Blue Frost

The Hype Collection Cool Blue Frost by Propaganda E-Liquid recreates the popular Blue Frost flavor, except that it offers even more menthol for those that just can’t get enough of the icy cool taste. Cool Blue Frost steps it up a notch, providing the taste of an authentic taste of blue slushie candy flavor with heaps of menthol. From your first puff to your last, you won’t know if the clouds you're blowing are because of the vapor or because it’s just that cold!

The Hype Collection Juicy Grape

The Hype Collection Juicy Grape by Propaganda E-Liquid is a premium vape juice flavor that everyone absolutely loves. For those that know grape vape juice know it is a complex flavor that is hard for brands to recreate. However, Propaganda has managed to perfect the flavor, which leaves you with shivers all down your spine. It offers the taste of juicy grape candy flavor from beginning to end. This is definitely one that could become your next all-day-vape flavor.

If you are one for fun, exciting flavors that provide a candy-like experience in every puff and leaves your mouth watering for even more, you will be ecstatic to try each of them perfectly blended vape juice flavors from The Hype Collection.

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